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(cricket menace)
03/20/09 01:25 PM
So what ever happened to the Highline Festival? [re: ]  

Now well into 2009, it seems that the 2007 one was the first and last of the new "annual festival"...

From the original Bowienet news scoop:

David Bowie today announced plans for a return to the concert stage next year when he curates the first HIGH LINE FESTIVAL

His live performance will be enjoyed by tens of thousands of spectators at the festival itself, while millions more will experience the concert online and on satellite radio.

THE HIGH LINE FESTIVAL will be shaped each year by a different visionary curator.

David Bowie will help choose future iconic curators from the diverse world of music, film and the performing arts.

"One of the most exciting things about the Festival for me is how different curators will actually change the complete flavour of the event each year curators can be filmmakers, musicians, painters, someone with passion and vision". ~ David Binder, co-founder.

"It's so right that he'll be calling the creative shots for the first Festival, and we're looking forward to working with him for years to come." ~ Josh Wood, co-founder.

Bowie Downunder

(stealing for that one good rush)
04/05/09 11:39 PM
Re: So what ever happened to the Highline Festival new [re: Adam]  

Having attempted to attend and get information about it, I don't think it was very successful, even with Bowie's involvement. I imagine the failure of the first annual festival didn't encourage the organizers to waste their time or money on a second one.

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(beyond the yoga zone)
04/06/09 00:08 AM
Re: So what ever happened to the Highline Festival new [re: dukewhite]  

He should have come to Mount Buller last January to learn from Nick Cave how to really curate a madly successful festival

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(cricket menace)
04/06/09 02:09 AM
Highborne 2000 new [re: dukewhite]  

At some point that must have been realised. There was also - coincidentally or not - a point when Bowie started to remove himself from it (by not performing).

Bowie Downunder

(crash course raver)
04/09/09 01:38 AM
Re: So what ever happened to the Highline Festival? new [re: Adam]  

yes i was wondering about that one myself too, for a couple of years now as it happens. I happened to stumble upon a video on youtube, in which Bowie introduces Ricky Gervais on stage, singing some lines of 'the little fat man', with the crowd participating. I also found the official website of the festival, here. It seems to be previewing the festival, nothing about how it actually had gone. Seems like the legendary stardust cowboys performed there!

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