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(cricket menace)
06/21/09 09:07 PM
Duncan has not ruled out working with his father [re: ]  

Having seen Moon at the Sundance and Tribeca Film Festivals, David Bowie was not at the Edinburgh Film Festival for its international premiere on Saturday.

Jones, however, is happy to report that his father "loved it" and that he was "a proud dad" as a consequence.

Given Bowie's occasional appearances in films such as Labyrinth and The Hunger, it is not inconceivable that father and son might work together one day.

If it ever happens, however, Jones believes he "would need to have a few films under my belt first".

"I would have to feel absolutely confident I was a capable director, as I wouldn't want to put any pressure on our valuable relationship," he explains.

"I'd also want people to know he was in my film because I want him in it, not because I need him to be."

From BBC NEWS. Moon is out in the UK on 17 July.

Jones has not ruled out working with his father, David Bowie

Well, 100% Brit (and apparently proud of it) is being a bit over the top when he says 8 hours [of Outside outtakes]. I'd love to know the truth concerning what 100% git really has ~ Reeves Gabrels, 2003

tv eye
06/22/09 02:19 AM
Re: Duncan has not ruled out working with his father new [re: Adam]  

john huston directed his father in the treasure of the sierra madre. ben stiller likes to throw bit parts to his family, so do the mighty boosh. i don't see why duncan couldn't do the same

i'm still making my mind up about whether to watch moon or not - low budget sci-fi are usually either an admirable failure (e.g. sunshine), or a complete failure (too many to mention).

(electric tomato)
06/22/09 05:56 PM
Re: Duncan has not ruled out working with his father new [re: Adam]  

Is Bowie linked at all to the new Hunger movie?

06/23/09 12:30 PM
Re: Duncan has not ruled out working with his father new [re: tv eye]  

Moon may be low budget but it looks beautiful and has a great character performance from Sam Rockwell. It's also getting great reviews from around the world. If you love sci fi you'd be silly to miss this one.

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