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09/11/09 10:26 AM
REVEALED: 'He's a CUNT and one day I will tell...' [re: ]  

Apparently this months Word Mag finally reveals the name of the rock star contemporary who - a long time ago - Bowie ferociously declared was a "cunt and one day I will tell you why".

Bowie's statement took place in 1973 during an interview with Charles Shaar Murray. He made it just after he saw the journalist wearing a tshirt with this particular person on it.

The persons name ...... Elton John.

Having speculated on this once or twice before (the last time being here), I am assuming this is as excellent news for everyone here as it is for me.

Thanks to tonyday at BWW who revealed this news.

The planet is glowing.

09/14/09 08:24 AM
Re: REVEALED: 'He's a CUNT and one day I will tell...' new [re: Adam]  

Well I read that article in Word and there's some really good anecdotes about him from Journalists who've interviewed him over the years, starting with Charles Shaar Murray. I learnt a few new things; He hated doing The Elephant Man (I think the impression I got was it ran on too long and must've been exhausting for him).
Some interesting anecdotes about Bowie's drinking habits. Apparently he gets loud and leary towards the ladies and his peers in the industry called him Bromley Dave when he was on the lash. Of course he doesn't drink anymore for those kinds of reasons. When asked by a journalist why he doesn't touch alcohol anymore, he simply said: "Because I'm a drunk".

But getting back to the point: That famous anecdote about a journalist wearing a T shirt with a famous singer on it and Bowie said: "that man is a Cunt and one day I'll tell you why"?

Well for years I have always wondered what singer was on the T shirt. and I'm so happy to have found out.

Bowie never told him why he thought that of Elton though, so now I'll just be wondering about that.

As has been mentioned; there's the ol Rocket Man/Space Oddity incident. But also Elton who was a big fan of Bowie's during the Ziggy period, famously walked out of the Earls Court concert saying to the press: "He's blown it".

The only other meeting I know of is when Bowie was just getting famous during the Ziggy thing; and Elton invited him for "tea". (My quotations).
Apparently Bowie said they had nothing to talk about and nothing in common so Bowie politely excused himself. I wonder if Elton made a move on him. Maybe David has experienced Elton's famous tantrums and general bitchiness and he just thought; "twat".

The only other person I thought the T shirt thing could've been about, was Rod Stewart. I get the feeling he doesn't like David either.

Anyway, I love hearing these kinds of stories, he's such a fascinating man and each journalist indicated strongly that he's very shy and even intellectually insecure even though they could see he's very intelligent. Reading these impressions of him; makes me believe more strongly that he has a touch of Aspergers Syndrome ... but I digress.

Each journalist said in their own way that they felt privileged to have spoken and met with him and Charles Shaar Murray's touching article is worth it alone.

09/14/09 12:20 PM
Re: REVEALED: 'He's a CUNT and one day I will tell new [re: Chinchilla]  

In reply to:

Reading these impressions of him; makes me believe more strongly that he has a touch of Aspergers Syndrome ... but I digress.

The theory holds water. Being an Aspergian myself, I've noticed some of the characteristics crop up in interviews and anecdotes about him. I'll probably start a thread about it when I feel like doing something vaguely relevant instead of being a smartass.

09/14/09 08:51 PM
Re: REVEALED: 'He's a CUNT and one day I will tell new [re: schizophrenic]  

Oh I'm so glad someone else agrees with me on that issue. I already wrote a post about it somewhere so I'll go and post it again. Please let me know what you think when I do.

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