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(crash course raver)
09/22/09 06:11 PM
The Bowie Contingent - 'Live by Request' [re: ]  

Inspired by Bowie's performance on the hit US music show Live by Request, The Bowie Contingent are set to wow Sheffield, UK this November with an evening of live performance where the set is decided by the audience!

The bands website is currently accepting votes for ANY Bowie song that fans would like to hear at their shows on 13th and 14th November. The songs with the highest votes will then be performed over two nights (13th and 14th November 2009) at West Street Live, West Street, Sheffield, UK.

The band has promised to abide strictly by the votes cast, with the songs with the most votes being performed over the two nights.

"This may turn out to be a ridiculous idea!" says front man Jason Richford, "You can almost guarantee that there will be some fool voting for The Laughing Gnome!"

"It's going to mean a lot of extra rehearsal time for the band, but we're all really looking forward to it!"

David Bowie appeared on the A&E 'Live by Request' show back in 2002, when an international audience had the chance to choose the songs that were played during the live broadcast. The Bowie Contingent hope their one-off, special performances this November will prove to be just as much fun for both them and the fans that come along to their shows.

The Bowie Contingent: Live by Request

You vote...They play!


Vote for Live By Request!!

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(cracked actor)
09/23/09 08:03 AM
Re: The Bowie Contingent - 'Live by Request' new [re: icarusboy]  

Good luck with that mate! I just voted.

Its about time I had a signature

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