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(cricket menace)
09/23/09 09:51 AM
U2 and SPACE ODDITY [re: ]  

In the last few months you may have heard about the appearance of 'Space Oddity' as the intro music for the current U2 tour (youtube link here). This occurs before U2 walk out on their “spaceship-like” stage.

When the Sun media in Canada asked Bono all the space stuff and playing David Bowie’s 'Space Oddity' in its entirety, he replied:

“His prolific imagination had a huge impact on me, as a teenager and to this day. I can’t get over his body of work."

"[Elton John] is a cunt ... and one day I will tell you why ..." ~ David Bowie, 1973.

(cracked actor)
09/23/09 02:44 PM
Re: U2 and SPACE ODDITY new [re: Adam]  

A son is being nice to Daddy.
Helps pay for the liniments and ointments, too.

"apart from the cock, everything's all right" - DB

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