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(grinning soul)
08/04/10 12:29 PM
Rare & Unseen DVD - synposis [re: ]  

A few observations on the new DVD, which I received yesterday:

The whole 64 mins programme is mainly based around the legendary 1975 Russell Harty interview conducted by satellite from Burbank, CA.

You get the complete supremely imperious and somewhat arrogant interview (as pompous as it is, this my fave DB inty, as it goes) and every now and then it flashes forward to 80s or 90s Bowie giving his more measured observations of the subjects raised in the Harty show.

Quite clever really, and employing a cut-up technique no doubt inspired by the 1997 programme it uses a great deal of - the Earthling At 50 "why did you kill Ziggy" interview from NYC's Looking Glass Studios.

There's also a little bit of the 1983 Tube interview at the Serious Moonlight press conference @ Claridges (with Jools Holland).

Quite a hefty chunk of a 1987 NLMD interview; I think it was an EPK where he talks about the dream state via Dali and Bunuel, along with short snatches of videos such as ATA, LTA, CG and DIDO (some with audio), plus inties with Alomar, Frampton and footage of Bang Bang from two different press conferences, LTA from Glass Spider tour rehearsals and old film of Cracked Actor from Cracked Actor (all with audio).

There's also the full 1978 LWT interview backstage at Earls Court with the gorgeous Janet Street Porter.

Brief inty segments with John Landis, Julian Temple and very short extracts of cover versions (all by someone named Steve Riks) of songs such as Drive In Saturday (sounding like it's sung by Elvis!) and Changes usually visualised with official clips such as Heroes, Life On Mars etc.

Not bad at all, actually

(grinning soul)
08/04/10 12:33 PM
Re: Rare & Unseen DVD - synposis new [re: kleinhond]  

Just realised the Harty inty is ALMOST complete. Here's the hilarious bit that is missing (which is no surprise as Golden Years on Soul Train is only shown as a brief silent inset):

RH: Does it show?
DB: Oh yes.
RH: Well let's have a look at it. The song is called The Shape Of Things To Come...
DB: No it isn't.
RH: No, of course it isn't. We're having a preview of The Shape Of Things To Come...
DB: Ah...
RH: The song is called Golden Tears,
DB: '...years'. You did get it wrong, you said 'tears'... 'years'...
RH: 'years'. Why don't you introduce it from that end.
DB: This is David Bowie singing Golden Years from his forthcoming album Station To Station.
[clip of 'Golden Years' as performed on "Soul Train"]
RH: Very well done, it didn't seem all that intoxicated to me. You seemed to be well in control of that situation.
DB: Well, that's my judgement.
RH: Were you a stern critic... of yourself?
DB: Yes.
RH: But you're happy that we should all have seen that, even though you think you weren't in full control of that situation.
DB: Oh yes, of course.

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