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(crash course raver)
05/15/11 01:19 PM
Re: (THE FULL) TOY IS LEAKED new [re: ziggfried]  

I prefer the Heathen versions of Slip Away and Afraid, but there are some nice moments on Toy, Shadow Man is the most obvious highlight. I do not share people's praise for Hole In The Ground, I find that track more excruciating than the Liza Jane remake if I'm honest.

"I Dig Everything" is probably my favourite.

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06/01/11 09:14 AM
random Toy comment new [re: The Fisting of Life]  

Listening to this album requires that you skip the first minute of Uncle Floyd. Good that he made it the first track, so one doesn't have to get up and fast forward past that irritating cartoon character's babbling in the middle of the record.

And I'm beginning to lean towards Conversation Piece as my favorite track.

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(thunder ocean)
06/18/11 02:15 PM
Re: (THE FULL) TOY IS LEAKED new [re: ghostlove]  

In reply to:

Visconti did quite a few orchestrations for Toy regardless of Sys' comment. I don't think Sys is really the right one to be answering questions regarding this album and I would look through Nick Pegg's book as the best reference guide for any future inquiries.

I used Pegg as my reference. I thought we were talking of Visconti as a producer, which he wasn't for Toy. My mistake.


(thunder ocean)
06/18/11 02:16 PM
Re: (THE FULL) TOY IS LEAKED new [re: K]  

Also, according to my copy of Pegg Visconti did orchestrations for just two tracks.


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