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04/10/11 08:39 PM
"Bowie's dread" - NY Post [re: ]  

Bowie's dread

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Posted: 1:56 AM, April 10, 2011
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David Bowie spiraled into an obsessive fear that a crazed fan would off him following the murder of John Lennon, according to an upcoming unauthorized biography. Due in July, "Starman: David Bowie" also explores the Thin White Duke's bisexuality and his band the Spiders from Mars' ties to Scientology. After Lennon's 1980 assassination, Bowie suffered from "visceral, all-encompassing fear," says author Paul Trynka, and "started to rethink every aspect of his relationship with his fans." He even hired an ex-Navy SEAL to guard him and "took a course" on how to deal with stalkers and killers.

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04/11/11 04:46 AM
Re: "Bowie's dread" - NY Post new [re: robpongi]  

I've seen Trynka's book on sale. I think I've had my fill of David Bowie biographies, so I can't see myself getting this one any time soon (but I'm sure as Bowie bios go, this'll be one of the better ones. Paul Trynka's Iggy Pop book, Open Up and Bleed, is really good).

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