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(crash course raver)
05/11/11 08:08 AM
The Bowie Contingent perform 'Hunky Dory' LIVE! [re: ]  

On Sunday 29th May 2011, Bowie tribute act, The Bowie Contingent return to the live stage to celebrate the 40th anniversary year of the album seen by many as Bowie's musical masterpiece....'Hunky Dory'.

They will be interpreting the album live...IN IT'S ENTIRETY!

As the precursor to Bowie's The Rise And Fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, Hunky Dory points in many of the same musical directions as... Ziggy. It saw Bowie camping it up outrageously through a mixture of cabaret piano, coquettish lyrics and soaring vocals. It proved his mettle as a masterful singer-songwriter. Not a dull note is struck on the whole album, which flits from opener "Changes" to the vampy "Oh! You Pretty Thing" to the heart-wrenching "Life On Mars" with a seemingly impeccable ear for a tune. It's flirty, sexy and irresistibly seductive....

As the headline act of the annual 'ALL TIME FAVOURITES - COVERS SPECIAL ALL-DAYER' at West Street Live, Sheffield, UK, The Bowie Contingent will be taking to the stage at approximately 11:15pm - but don't worry....it's a Bank Holiday the next day!

Watch and listen as The Bowie Contingent perform....

"Oh! You Pretty Things"
"Eight Line Poem"
"Life on Mars?"
"Fill Your Heart"
"Andy Warhol"
"Song for Bob Dylan"
"Queen Bitch"
"The Bewlay Brothers"

Plus some extra special surprises...


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