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(absolute beginner)
12/09/11 06:24 PM
Bowie working on new music? [re: ]  

This is from Robert Fripp's blog this past October. Sounds like Bowie could be working on something...


(crash course raver)
12/10/11 11:06 AM
Re: Bowie working on new music? new [re: DancingOnAngels]  

So he's in the UK?

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12/11/11 09:05 AM
Re: Bowie working on new music? new [re: jump93]  

He's currently working on the new album in Cleethorpes.

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(electric tomato)
12/11/11 06:51 PM
Re: Bowie working on new music? new [re: DancingOnAngels]  

Thanks alot DancingOnAngels. I can't find a link now, but I believe this too was reported by Bowienet as not true.

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(grinning soul)
01/01/12 11:51 AM
Re: Bowie working on new music? new [re: DancingOnAngels]  

Anybody knows for sure whether there is some truth in this? It sounds extremely exciting if true. If Fripp really thinks that "David had some remarkable new ideas in process", it sounds very promising. I find it very strange if Fripp should make this up. Considering that the two Bowie albums that Fripp has been involved in are among my absolute favorites, I would welcome him back on board.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
01/02/12 01:24 AM
Re: Bowie working on new music? new [re: karamasov]  

Not true

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(grinning soul)
01/02/12 11:03 AM
Re: Bowie working on new music? new [re: The Fisting of Life]  

So it was only Fripp's dream? Damn! How I'd wish it to be true. Quite interesting though that Fripp apparently is quite a fan. I have always thought he was rather indifferent to Bowie's music.

01/08/13 10:08 PM
01/08/13 new [re: DancingOnAngels]  

So was this true all along, then? Or an unrelated coincidence?

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(wild eyed peoploid)
01/12/13 07:38 AM
Re: 01/08/13 new [re: WildWind]  

Seems it was true all along! I don't think Fripp would have lied.

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01/16/13 06:41 AM
Re: 01/08/13 new [re: Steven]  

Visconti Interview
Now one person did leak it, but nobody believed him . . .

Robert Fripp! He was asked to play on it, he didn't want to do it and then he wrote on his blog that he was asked. And nobody kinda believed him. It was a little flurry for a few days, but everyone said, "How could that be true? We haven't heard it from anyone else?"

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