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03/22/04 10:58 AM

The whole notion of Bowie being this despised person I found very encouraging. The daily tabloids wrote hateful things and there were only one or two people at school who'd actually confess to liking David Bowie. I don't think that level of outrage exists anymore, people have forgotten how dramatic and serious it really was.

The Slade and Faces contingents were particularly aggressive people, while those who liked Bowie, Mott The Hoople and Lou Reed tended to be slightly more passive and easily picked on. I remember standing outside concert halls in the early '70s, people would just walk past you and start kicking the queue. Everybody would just cower under a mass of Afghan coats.

Morrissey, NME, February 13, 1988

03/22/04 11:00 AM
Your Arsenal new [re: Adam]  

I always thought of the English singer/songwriter Morrissey as a sort of a asexual Alan Bennett, the British playwright, because of his attention to detail. He will take a small subject matter and make a very grandeur statement of it.

His last album, "Your Arsenal", was produced, ironically, by Mick Ronson. Mick sent me a copy of the tape and I couldn´t but notice that one of the songs on the album, "I Know It´s Gonna Happen Someday", was kind of a parody of one of my earlier songs, "Rock´n Roll Suicide". And so I sort of thought it would be fun to take that song and do it the way I would have done it. 1974ish"

David Bowie, Black Tie White Noise Video, 1993

03/22/04 09:14 PM
I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday new [re: Adam]  

It occurred to me ... that [Morrissey] was possibly spoofing one of my earlier songs, and I thought, I'm not going to let him get away with that. I do think he's one of the best lyricists in England, and an excellent songwriter, and I thought that his song was an affectionate spoof.

There's something terribly affectionate about the idea of the lyric. You know, don't worry, somebody will come along if you wait long enough. I mean, it's very weepy and silly, so I did it very grandly with a gospel choir and horns ... It's a bit silly, but it's done with affection.

David Bowie 1993, The Complete David Bowie, Nic Pegg, Page 75.

03/23/04 06:15 AM
Re: I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday new [re: Adam]  

David's version of I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday made me wail tears of pure happiness, actually. I loved it.

David is an extraordinarily nice man. He's very gentle and he has a tremendous ability to put people at ease. David and I don't talk about life as major rock stars. We like to talk about books and flowers a lot.

Morrissey, Alan Corr RTE Guide, Jan 1996

04/13/04 12:31 PM
Re: I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday new [re: Adam]  

(asked about the first Bowie and New York Doll concerts he'd seen)

I would be there at noon, and I would be pressed against the door twelve hours before anybody was ever going to think about opening. And I would race to the stage, and an industrial crane couldn't move me from that spot. You would have to blowtorch me off the front of the set if you wanted to move me. I was there, wanting some form of evidence, commitment. Wanting the world to change. Someone to do it for me. That's what I saw. And so that's what I wanted to provide.

Morrissey, GQ Plus, 'Morrissey Returns' GQ&A, April 2004

04/18/04 00:19 AM
Always Crashing in the Same Car new [re: Adam]  

I wish David Bowie was killed by a car accident right after he finished making Low.

Morrissey, http://privat.ub.uib.no/bubsy/wins4.htm

white rabbit
06/23/04 09:07 PM
Showie Bowie? new [re: Adam]  

17 May 2004

Singer Morrissey has used his first television interview in 17 years to launch a blistering attack on David Bowie. He branded the legendary singer "showie" and claimed his artistic career was a "business", in the interview on Friday night's Jonathan Ross Show. He claims that Ziggy Stardust was in fact dreamt up by someone else. Morrissey also attacked Bowie in this month's GQ magazine, where he said:

"He is not the person he was. He is no longer David Bowie at all. Now he gives people what he thinks will make them happy, and they're yawning their heads off. And by doing that, he is not relevant. He was only relevant by accident."

Bowie covered the Morrissey track "I Know It's Going To Happen Someday" on his Black Tie White Noise album in 1993. Two years later, he asked Morrissey to join him on tour, although Morrissey left the tour before it was over.


07/13/05 09:42 AM
Re: Morrissey new [re: Adam]  

You see, I saw those people like Bowie and Bolan and there was hardly hysteria. And never stage invasions. I think hysteria eventually came to people like Bowie but initially it wasn't there.

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys are Bowie, Bolan, Devoto and me.

Do you see similarities between yourself and Bowie?

"What, the living Bowie or the present dead one? The living Bowie, there are some, yes. Yes, I do see similarities."
NME, February 11, 1989

07/29/05 12:34 PM
Re: Morrissey new [re: Adam]  

"No, no, no...The "Rock And Roll Suicide" riff [in "I Know It's Gonna Happen Someday"] was an absolute accident. David Bowie mentioned to Mick [Ronson] that he thought the end of the song was from "Rock And Roll Suicide" and it's true, now that I listen I can hear it, but at the time it was completely accidental. It wasn't something that Mick threw on or instigated. It was an accident."

Morrissey, Alternative Press, February 1993

(cricket menace)
04/07/08 10:25 PM
Drive in Saturday new [re: ziggfried]  

I do not mean to be rude to [NME Writer] Tim Jonze, but when I first caught sight of him I assumed that someone had brought their child along to the interview........

It was difficult for me to believe that the best writer from the “new” NME had never heard of the song 'Drive-in Saturday'; I explained that it was by David Bowie, and Tim replied “Oh, I don't know anything about David Bowie.” I wondered how it could be so - how the quality of music journalism in England could have fallen so low that the prime “new” NME writer knew nothing of David Bowie, an artist to whom most relevant British artists are indebted, and one who single-handedly changed British culture – musically and otherwise.

- From Morrissey Condemns Racism, 3 December, 2007

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