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04/03/04 11:45 PM
Lou Reed  

DAVID BOWIE'S CONTRIBUTION to rock & roll has been wit and sophistication. He's smart, he's a true musician and he can really sing. He's got such a big range: I like the Ziggy Stardust voice, but he's got a lot of different voices. He's got his crooner voice, when he wants to. And he has a melodic sense that's well above anyone else in rock & roll. Most people could not sing some of his melodies. He can really go for a high note. Take "Satellite of Love," on my Transformer album: There's a part at the very end, where he goes all the way up. It's fabulous.
There had been androgyny in rock from Little Richard on up, but David put his own patina on it, to say the least. He thought hard about that Ziggy character; he'd been studying mime, and he didn't do it just for laughs. He was very aware of stagecraft. He made an entire show out of that character - and then he left it behind. How smart can you get? Can you imagine if he had to keep doing Ziggy? I mean, if you listened to what critics and audiences say, you'd be playing four songs over and over again. David set himself up to do other characters, like the Thin White Duke. And his take on American soul music, on albums like Young Americans, was incredibly good; the original material he wrote was great.
I can't pick a favorite record. It depends on my mood - any of the dance records; Ziggy Stardust; I always liked "Bewlay Brothers," that track on Hunky Dory. And the albums he did with Brian Eno, like Low and Heroes, are phenomenal. He's always changing, so you never get tired of what he's doing. And I mean all the way up to now: "The Loneliest Guy" on his latest album, Reality, is a great song. Yet another one.
We're still friends after all these years, amazingly enough. We go to the occasional art show and museum together, and I always like working with him. I really love what David does, so I'm happy that he's still doing it and that he's still interested. I saw him play here in New York on his last tour, and it was one of the greatest rock shows I've ever seen. At least as far as white people go. Seriously.

Rolling Stone: New York: The IMMORTALS: The Fifty Greatest Artists of All Time: Iss. 946; pg. 128, April 15, 2004

04/04/04 11:41 AM
Re: Lou Reed new [re: Atonalexpress]  

"I think Lou Reed is the last person in the world I'd want to kiss."

David Bowie, Q, May 1993

04/05/04 11:28 AM
Lou Reed on Bowie as producer new [re: ziggfried]  

“The people I was around at the time thought Bowie would be the perfect producer for me to make a record that would sell…And it turned out to be totally true, didn’t it?”

Lou Reed (1982), cited in Lou Reed: Growing Up In Public, 1992 (p.81)

04/05/04 11:32 AM
Lou about Bowie's bitchiness... new [re: ziggfried]  

“There’s only one person who has a viler temper than mine, and that’s David Bowie.”

Lou Reed (1973), cited in Lou Reed: Growing Up In Public, 1992 (p.84)

04/05/04 11:35 AM
Lou responds to "Basquiat" new [re: ziggfried]  

“I saw a picture of [Bowie as Andy Warhol] in a magazine…and I think David told me it’s one of the real wigs. Jesus, he looked like him. He had that expression on his face, an Andy expression. Yeah, I still talk to David, sure. I saw him with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails.”

Lou Reed, Q, April 1996

04/05/04 11:41 AM
Bowie, Reed & Society new [re: ziggfried]  

“Any society that allows people like Lou and me to become rampant is pretty well lost. We’re both very mixed up, paranoid people – absolute walking messes…If we’re the spearhead of anything, we’re not necessarily the spearhead of anything good.”

David Bowie (1972), cited in Q, April 1996

09/09/04 10:15 PM
The Last Great Performance That He Saw new [re: ziggfried]  

"I saw Lou Reed at Town Hall. I thought that was magnificent. There was something so fundamental about what he was doing, and it gave him so much room to weave anecdotes and witticisms -- things Lou is very good at. That's stimulating, because it means it doesn't matter about the age - it's about intention, integrity and the power to move people."

David Bowie Interview, Rolling Stone, September 10, 2003

09/15/04 10:44 PM
Humbled by Louis new [re: Atonalexpress]  

“I was petrified that [Lou Reed] said yes to working with me in a producer’s capacity. I had so many ideas and I felt so intimidated by my knowledge of the work that he had already done…It seemed like Lou had this great legacy of work, which indeed he did have.”

David Bowie, cited in the digipack edition of Transformer liner notes (2002)

09/15/04 10:47 PM
Post-Transformer Interview new [re: ziggfried]  

Interviewer: The album (Transformer) was recorded in London?
Lou Reed: The album was recorded in a really great studio named Trident.
Interviewer: And David Bowie produced?
Lou Reed: David and Mick Ronson. Musn’t forget Mick, mustn’t, mustn’t…It’d be naughty.
Interviewer: Naughty?
Lou Reed: That’s what they say in England, when you say something, they say, ‘Nah, that’s naughty!’”
Interviewer: They don’t say that in New York?
Lou Reed: No, man, they’d punch you out if you did.
Interviewer: How did you like working with David?
Lou Reed: I loved working with David. David’s…terrific empathy. (audience laughs)…Not that way!
Interviewer: How do you account for…during his performance at Carnegie, he dedicated what seemed like an entire half-hour to Lou Reed, and did a couple of Lou Reed tunes?
Lou Reed: I guess he likes ’em.

Interview at Hempstead, New York, 26 December 1972, on the American Poet CD (2000)

09/15/04 10:53 PM
Lou gets the remixin' urge new [re: ziggfried]  

Uncut: Last time we spoke, you said you were thinking of remixing the whole of Transformer
Lou Reed: Huh? No. I never said that…
Uncut: But you…aw, fuck it.
Lou Reed: Wait, that is a great idea though! I’ve worked with this Italian remixer about ways of looking at “…Wild Side” with MP3s. You may be thinking of that. And that may be on this new version of the NYC Man album that’s coming out. But really – transform Transformer? What a great idea. You call me like this and that’s a great idea! Thank you, my friend. We could mess about with David Bowie’s saxophone, put it way back in the mix…that is really fun! That is such a great idea. I thank you.

Uncut magazine #87, August 2004

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