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04/05/04 09:52 AM
Prefab Sprout  

"What fascinates me about Bowie at this time (1976-77) is a certain awkwardness. The much vaunted iciness is there, but it's alongside a very real longing for a warmth that eludes him".

"His lyrics seem to me intensely emotional, bursting with very human feelings. They'd be dull in other hands because often they're very simple, classical, even, but on these records they're heartfelt and ... well, I've said it, awkward."

"I must admit I find Bowie's transition from Ziggy Stardust, or whatever, to today's all-round-entertainer, 'ooh look, this is real me', somehow rather sad. But, if I'm truthful, he's one of my biggest influences. A lot of my songs could be sung in a David Bowie voice."

"Although it was severely panned, I thought 'Loving the Alien' was really beautiful."

Paddy McAloon, 1985 NME Interview 'Songs Wordshipped Out Of Necessity', August 3rd, 1985

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