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03/22/04 10:38 AM
U2 new  

"Before pop could eat itself, it had to describe itself ... David Bowie made stardom his subject before anyone ... He became it, his personae are all famous which, as Clive James could tell you, makes them almost religous, because fame is all the twentieth century's got left in that department - junk food immortality ... And there are many levels to it. I know something about this but not as much as I need to know; David Bowie knows a lot about it. He has flirted with it, danced with its devels ... on Broadway ... with commercials ... in the company of corporations ... but it was ink, never blood. One of the unwritten rules of rock n roll (whatever that is) is that you can be a star as long as you are not a celebrity ... This does not apply to David Bowie, we want him to be a 'star' star ... We want him to hang out with Elizabeth Taylor, we want to see how far he can take it , to widen the rock n roll waveband, to go all the way, and he will ..."

"He wants to be everything because he nearly can - Film, fashion, theatre, production work, songwriting - that's no ordinary blue suit, that's a working pop artist driving next years model in opposite directions at the same time. I don't know who David Bowie is, and I doubt if he does: a Left bank rightist, A Wilde colonial boy driven from England by his Englishness, an innovator on the cover of Hello! magazine? ... I don't mind ... But when he doesn't give in to art or pop, when these desires are equal as well as opposite, he is at his best and I am his biggest fan ... The nicest fella from Mars I ever met."

Bono, ARENA, May/June 1993, Page 72

03/25/04 03:19 AM
Bono #2 new [re: Adam]  

"There were times when I really did feel like a bit of a freak, and I spent a few years where I was pretty quiet. I didn't go out an awful lot. Those are the years when I listened to the most music."

"I suppose between the ages of fourteen and sixteen. That was when albums like Horses, by Patti Smith came out. There were some good records around that time--Lou Reed, Bowie, the first Talking Heads records. Nobody else was really listening to those records, but they really meant a lot to me. "

Bono, 1988, The Rolling Stone Interview by James Henke on March 10.

03/25/04 03:32 AM
Zooropa new [re: Adam]  

"We took our position as far as any band that was big in the mainstream ever had, and I am really proud of that. I always wanted to follow a band that would really push it like Bowie used to do, and I think we've done that. "

Bono, 2001, Spin Magazine Interview by Alan Light, December 9

03/30/04 07:17 AM
Bono/Bowie new [re: Adam]  

"I think David Bowie wants to be Michael Jackson and Picasso. If he gives in to either of these urges, he's less great than when he keeps them in equal parts like on "Heroes" and Scary Monsters. For these and other great music he has made and is yet to make, the world owes David Bowie a living. We should polish his shoes, kiss his arse, carry his suitcase and make him rich."

Bono, January 1997, NME

""Bono gets away with murder because he's got a great wit and he's a right charmer." "

Bowie, same issue of NME

04/19/04 10:53 PM
Re: Bono/Bowie [re: Dara]  

(The Edge when asked what turned him on to rock n roll)

"My first guitar, my first records from David Bowie records to Taste records. The Beatles obviously were huge. "

(Larry when asked what was the first record he bought)

"The re-released version of 'Space Oddity' by David Bowie"

(Larry when asked if he has a favourite photo)

"Larry Mullen Jr. and David Bowie".

Zoo TV Tour Programme 1992. Written and edited by BP Fallon.

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