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05/26/04 10:13 AM

"Oh my God, we did the Area 2 tour in the States with David Bowie and I don't know how I just didn't jump on him," Hatherley confesses. "His security were never there early enough to know that we were playing, so you could sense them thinking 'Who the fuck's that girl who's down the front every night and then wandering around backstage during the day?'
"I finally plucked the courage up to say, "Hi, I'm in the first band, Ash", and he said, "Oh, I haven't got to see you much because I've just got a new baby and I've been flying in every day from New York." I was all nonchalant for a minute or two and then blurted out, "I'm a really big fan!' Tim says we might be on before him at Oxegen which would be fucking excellent!"
What was her first Bowie moment?
"Embarrassingly it was when he got crucified for doing "The Lord's Prayer" at the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. I was only 12 or 13 at the time, so I thought "Wow, he's interesting!" and went to the record shop the next day
and looked at his section - 20 albums! I randomly picked out Space Odyssey (sic) not realising it was his debut and then bought the rest pretty much in sequence. It gave me something to escape into for a couple of years, which was good because my parents were splitting up and I needed the distraction".
So while her mates were arguing over which member of Big Fun was the most dreamy, Charlotte was reveling in the multifarious delights of Hunky Dory and Aladdin Sane.
"Yes and no," she winces. "I was into loads of pop stuff as well - Bros, Aha, Brother Beyond. My taste was in my arse back then!"

Hot Press, May 2004

05/26/04 10:14 AM
Tim Wheeler new [re: Dara]  

"He struck me as a being a bit like your Dad or something, like an embarrassing uncle trying to be young and cool. But he has managed to stay young, he was really up to date. He still has to go out and really work when he brings out a new record. He has to fight because nobody wants to know about his new stuff. He doesn't want to talk about the legend of Bowie."

RTE Guide, May 2004

06/20/04 09:42 AM
Ash new [re: Dara]  

Were going to do the Area: Two tour with Moby and David Bowie, Tim says.

Charlotte, an avid Bowie fan, is hesitant about any backstage maneuvering to meet her hero.

I dont know whether I want to ruin the illusion of him being God.

Ash VH1 interview with by C. Bottomley, June 24, 2002

06/20/04 09:46 AM
Tim Wheeler new [re: Adam]  

"Charlotte is going to be totally freaked out because Bowie is her ultimate sex god!"

Tim Wheeler, BBC Southampton Music Interview, 4 June, 2002

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