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05/26/04 10:39 AM
Little Richard  

"When I was a kid I think I didn't take interest in much of anything at all except Rock and Roll. I found Rock when I was about eight years old with Little Richard and Jimmy Reed and Chuck Berry and all the greats. Somehow or other I knew that I wanted to be involved in music. When I was really little, as I said around eight, I got my father to advance me pocket money - I had a meat round, I used to wheel meat 'round on a bicycle on Saturday morning so I had to pay it back - but I got him to buy me a plastic alto saxophone. 'Cause my intention when I was around nine/ten was to join the Little Richard band as one of the saxophonists. That was sort of, I thought, "that's what I'm gonna do when I leave school." You think anything is possible at that age. Actually it is, anything is possible, I found out . . . "

David Bowie, Interview with Director/Producer Mark Haefeli, Earthling Interview EPK, November 7, 1996

05/26/04 10:48 AM
Little Richard new [re: EJSunday]  

"When I heard Little Richard, I mean, it just set my world on fire. I thought, wow, what's this got to do with me or London or ... But I want a piece of that. That's really fantastic."

David Bowie, Australian TV show "60 Minutes", 2002

05/26/04 11:05 AM
Little Richard new [re: EJSunday]  

Ingrid Sischy:
Some artists hone in on one idea that then becomes a kind of blueprint for a project, but you tend to have multiple interests and curiosities and you're always drawing inspiration from various sources simultaneously. The new record, Reality, follows this pattern too. Tell me more about it.

David Bowie:
I suppose it's because I have an undiminished idea of variability. I don't think that there's one truth, one absolute. It's an idea that I have always felt instinctively, but it was reinforced by the first thing I read on postmodernism, a book by George Steiner called In Bluebeard's Castle. That book just confirmed for me that there was actually some kind of theory behind what I was doing with my work--realizing that I could like artists as disparate as Anthony Newley and Little Richard, and that it was not wrong to like both at the same time. Or that I can like Igor Stravinsky and the Incredible String Band, or the Velvet Underground and Gustav Mahler. They all just made sense to me.

David Bowie, interviewed by Ingrid Sischy, Interview Magazine, October 2003

And I want to believe
In the madness that calls 'now'

(thunder ocean)
11/26/04 05:56 PM
Basic influence new [re: EJSunday]  

"The first artist I really sort of dug was Little Richard when I was about eight years old. I found it all very exiting - the feeling of aggression that came through the arrangements. It was like breaking up the sky - his voice broke out the skies - an extraordinary voice. That's what triggerend my interest in American black music. That led me to the blues, John Lee Hooker and all those guys, and for a number of years I worked with rhythm and blues bands, and my participation in them formed my own black ties in that area of music."

David Bowie on Little Richard,
interview in Record Collector, May 1993

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