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(crash course raver)
07/05/04 11:26 AM

"We're not stupid enough to be businessmen, and we're not pretty enough to be David Bowie."

Gerald V. Casale, "Sing If You're Glad To Be Devo" bootleg (source unspecified)

(crash course raver)
07/05/04 11:40 AM
Re: Devo new [re: schizophrenic]  

MARK: [...]And so Bowie came and saw us one night. And we’d done some interviews, and people said, “Who’d you like to have produce you guys?” And I thought of all the people I could think of, I thought it would either be David Bowie or Brian Eno. I, I liked their music, and I thought maybe they would understand what we were trying to do. [...]And on the second set, when we came out, before we came out, he came out and introduced us, and he goes [in a canned carny voice] “This is the band of the future! I am producing them in Tokyo this winter!” And we’re like, okay, we’re sleeping in a car tonight; that sounds good to us! [...]We’re homeless, you know, so we don’t know what we’re gonna be doing for those two months. And, uh, the next week, we played again, and Robert Fripp and Brian Eno came. And they invited us over to Robert Fripp’s house after, afterwards. And he fed us. And they both said, “We would want to produce you guys, if you were up for it.” And we said, well, Brian, David Bowie last week [laughs] said he was producing us in Tokyo! And Brian Eno starts going “He’s full of shit.” And, uh, at the time I didn’t know that Brian Eno was kinda pissed at Bowie because he felt he didn’t get credited properly on Heroes. And Low. So they were having a little bit of a…tiff at that time. But anyhow, Brian Eno told what he said - and then Bowie called up and said, “Yeah, I’m doing Just a Gigolo, but we could do it in the summer.” And, and, uh, then Brian Eno called up and said, “Let’s just go right now. So, I’ll tell you what. Don’t even worry about a record company. I’ll loan you the money. We’ll go over to Germany, at this studio I work at all the time: Conny Plank Studio.” [...]David Bowie of course still wanted to be involved and showed up every day…on the weekends, and hung out with us, and then bickered with Eno about things, but, but um…

DAN: Well, he might have done a bad job like he did with “Raw Power,” so maybe it’s all for the best.

MARK: Huh?

DAN: Bowie mixed “Raw Power.”

MARK: Yeah…

DAN: It’s one of the worst, watered-down mixes of all time.

MARK: Yeah…

DAN: Yeah.

MARK: Then again, he also did “Lust for Life,” so…

DAN: Yeah, “Transformer,” too.

MARK: He did some good stuff.

Mark Mothersbaugh, http://www.ostrichink.com/feb2004/mothersbaugh.html

(crash course raver)
07/06/04 01:22 PM
Re: Devo new [re: schizophrenic]  

"The most charming reptile I have ever met"

Gerald V. Casale on Bowie, http://members.tripod.com/vermontreview/Interviews/devo.htm

07/31/05 09:47 PM
Re: Devo new [re: schizophrenic]  

"...there's one band that I can mention. I like them very much indeed. They're an unrecorded band in America called Devo. I've been listening to them for a long time since they sent me their tapes and I hope if I have the time at the end of this year to record them. Its sort of like three Enos and a couple of Edgar Froeses in one band. Most peculiar. That's very nut-shelling of what they're like."

David Bowie, Zigzag, September 1978

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