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(electric tomato)
07/21/04 07:53 AM
Ian McCulloch (Echo And The Bunnymen)  

" He has one of the most outstanding faces of the 20th century." (1983)

David Bowie: The Starzone Interviews.

11/25/05 01:44 PM
Re: Ian McCulloch (Echo And The Bunnymen) new [re: thegouster]  

"Heaven Up Here is the older people's favourite [Echo And The Bunnymen album] because they discovered the band and they feel like they were in on the 'Bunnymen club' before a lot of other people and before we broke and had hit singles. I can understand all that because I was always pleased that I was the only Bowie fan in my school in May 1972 when I had just turned 13. All of your mates were like 'What? That queer?! He wears makeup and his hair's orange!' and that made me like him more...They all liked shit. Real middle-of-the-road crap. Whatever they played in discos at the time, which wasn't disco music, it was like Hall and Oates, Chicago and all that. Or the long haired brigade who were into prog rock, which I hate more than white soul. Everyone loved me at school because I was funny and I could play football, so I got away with murder even then."

Ian McCulloch, X-Press Magazine (Western Australia), 24 November 2005

01/24/06 01:35 PM
Ian McCulloch (Echo And The Bunnymen) new [re: ziggfried]  

Hunky Dory by David Bowie. It starts with Changes and ends with Bewlay Brothers, and when I listen to it I think, "Have I ever got anywhere near those songs?" There's some embarrassing bits on it... very twee lyrics on it, there's just something about it.

(On his all time favorite album.)
Ian McCulloch, Mojo, November 2005

01/24/06 01:40 PM
Ian McCulloch (Echo And The Bunnymen) new [re: thegouster]  

Ziggy Stardust. Me mum got me it... she was going into town, so I said, "Mum, here's me 2.45, get me Ziggy Stardust". She got it from Rushworths in Liverpool, even though she was worried that if I got into Bowie I'd end up looking weird. She ought it under duress.

(On the first record he ever bought)
Ian McCulloch, Mojo, November 2005

01/24/06 01:44 PM
Ian McCulloch (Echo And The Bunnymen) new [re: thegouster]  

I'm kind of an amalgam of my heroes... Elvis, Bowie and Lou Reed. Not vocally, but in terms of cool, attitude and mystery. I just wanted to be a composite dude. Maybe stick in a little of Mark E. Smith too.

Ian McCulloch, Mojo, Novermber 2005

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