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white rabbit
08/10/04 07:56 AM
Polyphonic Spree  

Logan Keese (trumpet):

March 29: The guy is nearing his '60s and he still makes me question my sexual preference. Not only is he the baddest ass around, but I cannot imagine that a more humble rock icon exists. He smells good, too.

April 13: As I'm writing this backstage, Bowie starts "China Girl" and forgets the lyrics. The crowd actually cheers after he stops the song and admits his mistake. He could walk up to the mic and say, "Hey, you fuckin' stupid assholes! You're all a bunch of mindless shitheads!" and the crowd would go apeshit.

A Joyful Noise: A Tour Diary by the Polyphonic Spree. SPIN Aug. 2004, p. 88-91.

white rabbit
08/10/04 12:02 PM
Pretty Pollys new [re: white rabbit]  

Audrey Easley (flute, piccolo):

April 13: The arena is silent durng the rehearsal and the energy is very thick. Mr. Bowie says, "Okay, I want these pretty Pollys (stage-left singers) to come out with these pretty Pollys (stage-right singers) just before the first chorus." Then he looks at the four horn players and says with a smile, "Not, of course, that you aren't pretty Pollys. I want you to come out just before the second verse." Obviously, he sees the big picture in terms of producing the song as a performance. No wonder his show kicks so much ass.

A Joyful Noise: A Tour Diary by the Polyphonic Spree. SPIN Aug. 2004, p. 90.

white rabbit
08/10/04 12:11 PM
Tim DeLaughter new [re: white rabbit]  

Tim DeLaughter (lead vocals):

April 16: We finally performed with Bowie tonight. The crowd enjoyed it, and I sang hardly able to believe I was trading verses with him. I think most of the Polyphonics (as Bowie would say) experienced a dream come true.

April 29: I got an extra long hug from Bowie tonight. He has no idea how much we're gonna miss being with him.

April 30: Bowie and I said our good-byes. David, his band, and his crew have been extremely supportive. It also helped being embraced by his fans. We might not have been a favorite to some, but we always felt appreciated at the end of our shows. Hell, we even sold some robes. I walk to the bus with my robe in my hand as David drives away in a car. I'm going home to build a tree house for my kids.

A Joyful Noise: A Tour Diary by the Polyphonic Spree. SPIN Aug. 2004, p. 90.

(cricket menace)
04/28/08 01:44 PM
Re: Tim DeLaughter new [re: white rabbit]  

"[David Bowie] has been really instrumental in our band breaking out in the first place. Before anyone had heard of us, he brought us to London three years ago to play his MELTDOWN FESTIVAL. That's the first place we ever played outside of Texas."

Tim DeLaughter, 2004, Contact Music

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