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09/09/04 10:00 PM

JR: "the first time I heard "Paranoid Android," I was thinking of some of those suites on DAVID BOWIE 's Hunky Dory and the second half of Diamond Dogs, that sort of go in and out of wholly different parts, and yet somehow it all not only hangs together casually, it gains momentum".

THOM: "Cool! Excellent! That's right. Well, it wasn't quite casual, was it? We did the different sections, but we didn't actually believe they actually would hang together. We were amazed when they did."

Radiohead Interview, The Big Takeover

09/09/04 10:09 PM
Re: Radiohead new [re: Adam]  

"This year, I saw Radiohead at the Beacon Theatre [in New York]. I had a shrewd suspicion that they were the best band around, and that convinced me."

David Bowie, Rolling Stone Interview, AUSTIN SCAGGS, September 10, 2003

07/09/05 04:59 AM
Re: Radiohead new [re: Adam]  

"I just admire David Bowie in the '70s. Sometimes he brought out two albums a year. He was on a mission. His albums were hit and miss sometimes, but he was brilliant because of that."

Ed Obrien, Radiohead. "Under the Influence" issue of NME, November 2000.

07/09/05 05:04 AM
Re: Radiohead new [re: Adam]  

"The idea that what's wrong with us is that we steal from other people when Suede have based an entire career on it and everyone loves them. I don't think we do steal either - we don't just take straight Bowie riffs and put drums on top!"

Radiohead Interview, By Jonathan Greer and Joanne Bayliss (May '93), Weedbus Fanzine

07/09/05 05:12 AM
The Bends new [re: Adam]  

"It's incredibly annoying that no one's noticed the giggles in that album. The song 'The Bends' is completely jokey, completely taking the piss. None of that stuff had ever happened to us when we wrote it. That was our Bowie pastiche, our joke song !"

Thom Yorke Quotes

(cricket menace)
01/22/09 09:05 AM
The 51st Grammy Awards new [re: Adam]  

"I remember sitting on a climbing frame in the local play park and I'd just seen the video for Ashes To Ashes by David Bowie...it was the craziest thing I'd ever seen and all the other kids were sort of saying how it was too weird and I just thought: 'I wanna do that for a living'."

Thom Yorke, 2009 Grammy Awards Promo, WATCH IT HERE

Bowie Downunder

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