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white rabbit
09/28/04 03:47 PM
Franz Ferdinand / Alex Kapranos  

All hail the tightly trousered Scottish glam boys in Franz Ferdinand. Their September 9th show at New York's Roseland Ballroom drew fans such as Jarvis Cocker and David Bowie.

"I hope I never get jaded," says singer Alex Kapranos. "You feel like pinching yourself when David Bowie is telling you he's a big fan."

Rolling Stone, issue 959, October 14, 2004, p. 46

white rabbit
01/05/05 10:22 AM
Re: Franz Ferdinand / Alex Kapranos new [re: white rabbit]  

Everything seems really distant -- almost like you're not there. Meeting Morrissey or David Bowie, you think, "I've looked at their pictures and listened to their voices a million times." It's a bit odd to be standing in a room next to them. I think the way we all deal with it is just by not thinking about it so much. He's just a bloke, a bloke called David.

SPIN, Jan. 2005, p. 53

white rabbit
10/20/05 09:37 PM
Re: Franz Ferdinand / Alex Kapranos new [re: white rabbit]  

Q: As you've gotten older, have you found that your sense of style has become more innate?

A: I'm pleased to say I don't really think about it. I just rely on Hedi Slimane. It's all Dior. I've always been extremely lucky that there's always some designer or other who wants to give me clothes. For the last little while, Hedi Slimane has wardrobed me. I first met him before be became part of Dior, when he sent a bunch of photographs via a friend of mine. The stuff was apparently influenced by the film The Man Who Fell to Earth, and it was all that very slim-line black, and it's very much become his key signature look. Now, of course, he's designing for Franz Ferdinand and the Killers. He's doing everybody. He's really changing the look of rock and roll.

Q: Is the public ready for androgyny to go mainstream again?

A: Well, I've noticed there's an element of that in some of the bands, like Franz Ferdinand. You sense that -- it's not implicit, but it's sort of hinted at. I'm not sure how important it ever was.

Bowie: The Fashion Rocks Interview by Dave itzkoff (incomplete citation information)

01/22/06 09:26 AM
Re: Franz Ferdinand new [re: white rabbit]  

"I spoke to him (in Madison Square Garden) and I asked him if he'd ever been to Harlem...He said the first time was 'When I was Ziggy.' I thought, 'Bloody hell, you really are that guy, aren't you?'"

Nick McCarthy, The Sunday Times Magazine, 22 January 2006

02/14/07 04:41 AM
Re: Franz Ferdinand / Alex Kapranos new [re: white rabbit]  

"Then Bowie came along. David bloody Bowie. I remember sitting with the sleeve of Ziggy Stardust, staring as I sucked in the music, perched on the end of my bed as a kid. If [meeting Bowie] is going to be topped, someone's going to have to exhume John Lennon."

Alex Kapranos, cited in The Observer, 31 December 2006

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