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(thunder ocean)
09/30/04 08:34 AM
Gus Dudgeon  

I went to the Academy Awards in 1975. Bowie was there and so was John Lennon. Bowie's got the huge Black Spanish hat, he's got a cape - it's like The House Of Wax. HE's like a duded up version of Vincent Price. He looks funkin' dramatic, he looks dynamite, like the ultimate gigolo. There's this party going on and he's unquestionably in character. He's surrounded by eight tonnes of charisma and everyone is gasping. I haven't seen him for six years, I'm sitting having a drink, and I'm thinking, 'bloody hell, can you believe it'. He wanders over and sees my wife and me and goes, 'God, bloody hell, how are you?' The Thin White Duke disappears and a completely different bloke appears. He gives us a hug and a kiss, and he sits and talks to us animatedly for fifteen minutes or so. And when he gets up to leave and on goes the hat, here comes the charisma, and he's immidiately The Thin White Duke again. It was like that film, The Mask. What a star!

Gus Dudgeon, 1998, from 'Strange Fascination' (2001 edition)

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