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(thunder ocean)
09/30/04 09:02 AM
Paul Buckmaster  

I was fascinated and tickled and amused by them [Kraftwerk]. We [Bowie & Buckmaster] both enjoyed their records very much indeed. We kind of took them seriously, but we kind of laughed as well. Not at it, but because the music had a kind of innocent quality which was very fetching, and a deadpan humour as well.

Paul Buckmaster on shared interests while recording 'The Man Who Fell To Earth' soundtrack,
'Strange Fascination' (2001 edition)

(thunder ocean)
09/30/04 09:11 AM
On TMWFTE soundtrack and drugs new [re: Sysiyo]  

I think Roeg got cold feet about it. I considered the music to be demo-ish and not final, although we were supposed to ba making it final. We also didn't have a producer at the time and we were just trying to hammer it out together. All that produced something that was substandard, and Nic Roeg turned it down on those grounds. That is my honest opinion. You also have to remember our respective biochemical conditions, and these got worse as the weeks progressed. In fact, at one session - it may have been one of the sessions for Station To Station - Bowie had to be helped out because he had gone too far. He'd got pretty, pretty close to ODing. I have to say I wasn't much help, being in the same boat. We both encouraged each other simply by our behaviour. It's all rather shameful and I don't like to recall that part of it. It's healthy to remember one makes mistakes like that; some serious mistakes. Some people might call it a crime, but I don't know if I would go that far...

Paul Buckmaster on why he & Bowie's soundtrack wasn't used for The Man Who Fell To Earth,
'Strange Fascination' (2001 edition)

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