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(thunder ocean)
11/26/04 06:14 PM
Mike Garson  

Mike Garson is a bit of a mystery. He also worked with the Spiders. At that time, he was a Scientologist, I think, and that was the cornerstone of his life for a long time. He parted ways with that in the mid-80s and has subsequently become one of the leading jazz pianists in California, working a lot with Stanley Clarke. He really has a gift. I wanted his particular, rather eccentric playing on a couple of tracks. One is called "Looking For Lester", the other "Being Me The Disco King". He kind of plops jewels in the track and they're quite, as I say, extraordinary, eccentric pieces of piano-playing.

Bowie on Mike Garson and his work on the Black Tie White Noise album,
interview in Record Collector, May 1993

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