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11/28/04 09:28 AM
Hal Uplinger (Live Aid Producer)  

HU: Now, what happened is that when we were on the air at eight o'clock at night in America, Wembley was through. (...)
ABC wanted six particular acts, and some of those acts, half the acts, were earlier in the day. But, what ABC demanded, rightfully so, was that those acts should not be seen earlier on American syndication. So, we had to cover the acts on the American feed. They went out live to the world, but we taped them in America and put them on again that night over ABC.
Q: To come at the end of the ABC segment.

HU: Right, so David Bowie, as an example, was on at two-thirty in the afternoon, or maybe a little later.

Q: So you have to cover in the sister stadium during that time...

HU: Right.

Q: With some other group.

HU: Yes, so the American feed had to have someone to cover David Bowie exactly. David Bowie could be taped and put into the American show, which of course would be a world-wide show that night. So, I remember getting a call from Bowie's office in London, very upset and saying "Why is he going to be on in the afternoon in America and he's not going to be a part of the ABC network?" and I said "He is going to be part of that network. What you have is primetime throughout the world and you are going to be taped for primetime in the United States." They ended up by saying, "Don't let anyone change his time, we want to keep it right where it is." Those were some of the logistical problems we had to overcome.

Hal Uplinger, Interview for The National Museum of American History, April 1993

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