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01/12/05 11:41 AM
The Arcade Fire  

There's nothing else to say.

'The Arcade Fire' have the album of the year.

You must, simply must, buy it now, today, pronto. Quite the most beautiful, moving and passionate piece of brilliant song-writing and quirky performance I've heard in YONKS !!!

It's called 'FUNERAL' (Merge Records) and nothing else (and yes, I've heard the new U2) comes close.

(Well, maybe 'Secret Machines' and their CD 'Now Here Is Nowhere)

OK, OK, . .. I'm doing my diary about them both and some others, a sort of year end round up.

David Bowie, Bowienet News, 11.24.2004

03/14/05 09:30 AM
Re: The Arcade Fire new [re: Adam]  

[Pitchfork: It was really cool to hear Bowie call Funeral his favorite album of the year.]

Yeah, it's awesome, I mean, we've been so lucky. The few famous people that have come to our shows-- we met Beck, it's all people who are really awesome and interesting.

Win Butler Interview: The Arcade Fire, Story by Ryan Schreibe, 14 Feb, 2005

white rabbit
10/20/05 09:29 PM
Re: The Arcade Fire new [re: Adam]  

Q: Is there a new rock act that, to your mind, carries on the theatrical element that was part of what you did?

A: Arcade Fire has a very strong theatrical flair, a boisterous college kind of feel to what they're doing, and also there's a wave of enthusiasm to it. But their show is theatrical nonetheless, because it doesn't alter much from night to night. I've seen them many times, and I love them. I think they're exhilarating.

Bowie: The Fashion Rocks Interview by Dave Itzkoff (I don't have further details of the citation)

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