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03/13/05 04:23 PM
Moby new  

"The nicest effect of being a star yourself is that it gives you the possibility to meet your own heroes. I sang Walk on the Wild Side with Lou Reed. With Bono and Michael Stipe I did a song by Neil Young. Me and Bobby MeGee I did with the writer of the song: Kris Kristofferson. But most beautiful of all was my duet with David Bowie. We were at my place, sitting on the couch, me with the acoustic guitar, and we were singing "Heroes". You can't get any closer to a hero than that."

Moby, Independent Amsterdam Newspaper het Parool, March 2005

03/13/05 04:29 PM
About the song Spiders from new album Hotel new [re: NoGame]  

Did you play your new song Spiders to your friend Bowie yet?

"No! I'm afraid to!"

(Laughs) "I'm afraid he'll sue me!"

Moby about the song Spiders from his new album Hotel, which is obviously Bowie-esque to the interviewer. Moby even tries to sing like Bowie, Independent Amsterdam Newspaper het Parool, March 2005

(cracked actor)
03/13/05 05:18 PM
Re: About the song Spiders from new album Hotel new [re: NoGame]  

Mojo: What was the first music that really got to you?

Moby: David Bowie.

Mojo Magazine, July 2002, p.88

03/13/05 05:23 PM
We Are All Made of Stars [re: schizophrenic]  

What did David Bowie make of the opening track of 18 – ‘We Are All Made of Stars’?

"It’s funny because I just emailed him recently and I said, ‘on a subconscious level I think I was influenced by ‘Heroes’. The guitar in ‘Heroes’. And he wrote me back and said, ‘on a subconscious level I’m not offended and I think it’s a wonderful song’. The weird thing about ‘We Are All Made of Stars’ was I never thought of it as being influenced by Bowie. All of a sudden the song comes out and people keep saying that it reminds them of Bowie. It wasn’t intentional. I was actually thinking more of early new wave stuff like Magazine."

Moby Interview By Chris Hollow, Tarantula Snad Pebble Fanzine, May 6, 2002

03/13/05 05:32 PM
More on the "Heroes" Rehearsal new [re: NoGame]  

"David Bowie and I went on tour together, I did some remixes for him and played keyboards on one of his records.

'One of the most amazing experiences I had was when David and I played at a fundraiser at Carnegie Hall in New York started by a good Scottish industrialist.

'To rehearse for it, David came over to my apartment one morning. So we sat in my living room and played Heroes together. It was me sitting on my couch playing Heroes on guitar while he sang it.

'Boy, if someone had come to me when I was 13 years old and said that at some point I'd be sitting in my living room playing acoustic guitar while David Bowie sang Heroes, there's noway I'd have believed it."

Moby, The Razz Interview, Daily Record, March 4, 2004

04/09/05 05:25 AM
Moby on STS new [re: NoGame]  

"I loved that period in the mid-70s when white rockers - everyone from the Rolling Stones to Rod Stewart and KISS - discovered disco. It's amazing that a white British guy made one of the quintessential dance-oriented funk records [Station To Station]. When I was 13 or 14 years old and I listened to it, it made me want to move to Berlin, smoke cigarettes, date a stripper, hang out with Brian Eno and go disco dancing with Kraftwerk."

Moby, Australian Rolling Stone #639, May 2005

04/19/05 04:27 AM
Moby new [re: ziggfried]  

"David Bowie is my favourite musician of the twentieth century - David Bowie and George Gershwin - and I don't ever set out to make songs that are homages to my favourite musicians, but I think I end up doing that, unintentionally. I mean, there's one song on the record called "Spiders", which is very much an homage to David Bowie, I mean, lyrically and sonically and what happened with that was I had heard that David Bowie had had a heart attack and - this might sound morbid and I hope it doesn't - I imagined what it would have been like if David Bowie had died and so "Spiders" was sort of a song written as if David Bowie had died and hopefully he won't die. Hopefully he'll live to be 170 years old, but... So that's... "Spiders" is very specifically an homage to David Bowie and the rest of the record, if it does have a David Bowie-esque quality to it, it's not intentional, but you know, you can't help but be influenced by the records you loved when you were growing up."

Moby, Interview on www.alive.com

05/12/05 02:12 PM
Re: Moby new [re: Adam]  

"Si je pouvais chanter aussi bien que David Bowie, je n'utiliserais pas autant de samples vocaux dans mes chansons. Et si j'étais aussi beau que lui, j'apparaîtrais bien plus dans mes clips."


"If only I could sing as well as David Bowie, I would not use as many voice samples in my songs. If I were as gorgeous as he is, I would appear in my video clips."

Moby, FNAC, April 2005.

(cricket menace)
08/02/05 12:42 PM
Re: Moby new [re: Adam]  

I don't think anyone could ever look at me the same way as someone would look at David Bowie. You know because I see someone like David Bowie and I see him as just being y'know, I mean I might have written one or two pieces of music that I like and I think are fairly nice, but I don't think I've ever written anything that could ever even come close to comparing to some of the things that he's done. You know, so as far as I'm concerned I'll always be treading very, very minorly in the footsteps of my heroes.

Moby, Interview by Jon Smith, 'Age Against the Machine', 92.9 Music

08/29/05 05:30 AM
Re: Moby new [re: Adam]  

"Some of the songs on Hotel are certainly homages to some of my heroes...I mean the song Very is basically a homage to Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder, there's a song in there called "Spiders" which is a tribute to David Bowie, and we do a New Order cover. So my influences come through rather clearly on this record."

Moby, Foxtel magazine, September 2005

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