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04/09/05 05:35 AM
Geoff MacCormack (Warren Peace)  

"The (1974) band were positioned behind screens, so there was only David, myself and [fellow dancer/vocalist] Gui Andrisano visible, using the stage with choreographed set pieces. It was all timed to the split second. Very exhausting, very physical. And there were mishaps. The hydraulic bridge would get stuck. Then we had this cherry-picker hoist for "Space Oddity." I'd come out playing the chords from stage left while David would be up in this cradle, singing into a red telephone. As the song progressed, it came out above the audience. That got stuck, too."

Geoff MacCormack, Uncut #94, March 2005

04/09/05 05:38 AM
Re: Geoff MacCormack (Warren Peace) new [re: ziggfried]  

"I don't think [Bowie was under pressure by the scale of the tour]. That aspect of the show came natural to him, through his theatrical training in mime and film. He was meatier than your average rock 'n' roll singer. It was very daring at the time. That's why we couldn't bring the show to the UK, it was just too expensive."

Geoff MacCormack, Uncut #94, March 2005

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