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white rabbit
04/12/05 10:40 PM
Brandon Flowers [of The Killers]  

I saw David Bowie leaning over the balcony at your last New York show. That must've scared the shit out of you.

I could see him the entire time. I was fucking dying, 'cause he's the one for me. He came backstage afterward, and I shook his hand, and he said, "I felt like I just saw the history of rock & roll." I think he was basically saying we rip off from every genre.


No! It was a good thing.

~ Rolling Stone Q & A, Issue 972, April 21, 2005

07/12/05 11:17 AM
Re: Brandon Flowers [of The Killers] new [re: white rabbit]  

"I still have posters on my walls…Morrissey, David Bowie, the Beatles, the Stones, so it's really weird to be in the situation we're in. I just wasn't ready for [meeting Bowie]…I remember being in a bathroom at our gig in New York and I heard two guys speaking outside saying, 'Oh, Bowie's coming tonight and make sure he gets in and gets this table.' There was a pause and the guy goes, 'David Bowie?' That was just shocking to me. And we play and I can just see him and I'm sure it was the worst show we've ever played. I wasn't ready for that. Maybe in a couple of years I will be."

Brandon Flowers, The Guardian, 22 June 2005

white rabbit
11/15/05 12:14 PM
Re: Brandon Flowers [of The Killers] new [re: white rabbit]  

David Bowie : Hunky Dory

"I still remember when I heard 'Changes' for the first time. I thought it was Bob Dylan because of the way he sings the verses. I found out it was Bowie and it was from this album called Hunky Dory. It's the most important record to me, ever. I appreciated that he's still able to write songs, because even when there's a rough album, there will be that one song on there. But Hunky Dory is the pinnacle - there's not one song I skip past."

Anderson, Kyle. (November 2005). Music that changed my life. SPIN. p. 38.

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