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03/21/06 05:55 AM
Neil Gaiman  

"Who did I listen to? Who did I love? I was very fortunate in being 16 when punk happened. I am going to say that if you’re going to be any age when English punk happened, 16 was the right age and it was exactly the right time for it. Before that, I was a David Bowie kid. I discovered Bowie when I was about 12 and Lou Reed very shortly after. It all really came to life with me with punk though. That was the Adverts, the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Jam, the Stranglers. It was a wonderful period to have music when everything was stripped back to its three-chord basis for a little while."

Neil Gaiman, interview on 92Y Blog, 5 January 2006

04/25/09 09:19 PM
Re: Neil Gaiman new [re: ziggfried]  

"Once [Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns] was published, there was all this talk about whether Clint Eastwood could do it. If they actually made The Dark Knight Returns with Clint, I would have gritted my teeth and seen it. It probably would have been awesome...I was reading photostats of Watchmen that Alan [Moore] would hand me months before they hit the stands, and I would puzzle over everything, putting it all together in my head. That's a different thing than Dark Knight Returns, where the details of the story are more malleable and simple. Batman comes out of retirement. Cute Robin arrives on the scene. Joker kills himself. Is Batman dead or not? He's not. There's not much to unpack. If someone cast David Bowie, as he is now, as the Joker, I think The Dark Knight Returns is doable."

Neil Gaiman, interviewed on Wired, 21 April 2009

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