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03/21/06 06:07 AM
Viggo Mortensen new  

ďThe story of the (upper-lip) scar isnít glamorous. Okay, maybe it is, a little, because of the costume...I hurt myself at a party in St. Lawrence University when I was 17. I was really drunk, dressed up as David Bowie from the Aladdin Sane era. I fell face-forward into some barbed wire. They tell me the lip was hanging off my face, but I donít remember. They didnít even anaesthetize me before sewing me up, but that also wasnít heroic. I was incredibly drunk.Ē

Viggo Mortensen, 2005

03/21/06 06:10 AM
Re: Viggo Mortensen [re: ziggfried]  

"I was running through the bushes and being chased. Then I got shoved into a barbed-wire fence. Stupid really. It made a fucking mess - the blood and the smeared lightning bolt..."

Viggo Mortensen, ContactMusic.com, 4 May 2004

03/21/06 06:12 AM
Re: Viggo Mortensen new [re: ziggfried]  

UGO: What's the best music concert you've even been to?

VIGGO: David Bowie in Buffalo. He got arrested. He was arrested in the elevator by a very pretty woman who asked him if he wanted to go smoke a joint or something like that.

Viggo Mortensen, interview on UnderGroundOnline, 2005

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