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02/14/07 08:04 AM
Look Around You  

Robert Popper: Should we say where we are?
Peter Serafinowicz: Yeah…We’re in Trident Studios, in St. Anne’s Court.
Robert Popper: …in London.
Peter Serafinowicz: …in Westbourne.
Robet Popper: And it’s where they recorded…David Bowie recorded four albums, wasn’t it?
Peter Serafinowicz: Yeah.
Robert Popper: Carousel, Ice Cream Vanities, The Brick House
Peter Serafinowicz: …yes, and The Mummy.
Robert Popper: …and The Mummy.
Peter Serafinowicz: Yeah.
Robert Popper: But he did actually record four albums here, didn’t he? Man Who Sold The World, Hunky Dory
Peter Serafinowicz: The Hunky Dory.
Robert Popper: The Hunky Dory.
Peter Serafinowicz: Ummm…
Robert Popper: Which is quite good.

audio commentary for Look Around You 2, “Music” episode (recorded in 2006)

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