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02/19/07 08:51 AM
Bing Crosby  

"I believe...I'm not sure, but I believe that working with Bing [Crosby] led to Bono working with Frank [Sinatra]. I set a precedent there...I think the thing with Bing is the most ludicrous...it's wonderful to watch. We were so totally out of touch with each other...I was wondering if he was still alive. He was just...not there. He was not there at all. He had the words in front of him. (Deep Bing voice) "Hi, Dave, nice to see ya here..." And he looked like a little old orange sitting on a stool. 'Cos he'd been made up very heavily and his skin was a bit pitted, and there was just nobody home at all, you know? It was the most bizarre experience. I didn't know anything about him. I just knew my mother liked him. Maybe I would have known (sings) "When the mooooon..." No... (hums) "Da da da, da dada, someone waits for me. . . " That's about the only song of his I would have actually known...Oh yeah, ["White Christmas"], of course. I forgot about that. (Kenneth Williams voice) That was his big one, wasn't it?"

David Bowie, Q magazine, October 1999

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