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11/28/10 00:10 AM
Giorgio Moroder [re: ]  

"After I did Cat People with [David Bowie], we talked about what we were doing next. I said the music to Metropolis and he had the same idea. I guess I was just a little faster in getting the rights."

Giorgio Moroder, interviewed in 1984

12/02/12 04:57 AM
Re: Giorgio Moroder new [re: ziggfried]  

"I suppose I helped modernise the sound of pop; but there were others back then: Vangelis, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Kraftwerk... I met Ralf Hütter; he was a little introverted. After Autobahn, they didn't develop their sounds much. Then there were Brian Eno and David Bowie, recording "Heroes", Brian had I Feel Love and said to David, I have heard the music of the future, don't look for anything else. An amazing compliment."

Giorgio Moroder, Mojo #226, September 2012

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