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08/26/11 12:20 PM
Don Scardino [re: ]  

"I remember the day they shot my death scene [in Cruising], they laid me down by the toilet bowl, and there I was, and there was a David Bowie album cover, and there was this picture of David Bowie on the cover, kind of like this...with this odd picture...this akimbo kind of pose, and [William Friedkin] showed it to me, he said, "This is what I want you to do on the floor, I want you to be in that kind of odd broken doll sort of pose," so I thought that was pretty genius, you know, I thought it was a great thing to do."

Don Scardino, interviewed for the documentary Exorcising Cruising, for the 2007 DVD release of Cruising (1980)

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