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(crash course raver)
01/15/02 03:00 AM
Protecting valuable posters new  

Recently I purchased a two piece billboard poster of the hours... album which measures a massive 1520 x 1120 cm.

My initial response was to laminate the product, however, I was warned it would ruin the long term value. the guy I bought it from was charging around $200 for similar items, but a bit older.

I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to display but at the same time protect posters. The procedures I know of are laminating, blockmounting and framing. I figure that framing would be best, although it is costly for a poster of this size.

How do you go about protecting your own posters? Or don't you bother?

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(crash course raver)
01/15/02 04:27 AM
"This would look nice on your wall" new [re: Adam]  

In reply to:

How do you go about protecting your own posters? Or don't you bother?

I don't bother. I would bother if I got my hands on an Iggy Pop poster though.

3 years ago, my then film class teacher gave me a Lost Highway poster. I rode my bike to school that day, and it stormed. I guess the guy who runs Lynchposters.com would have been pretty upset with me. The poster is right here by my side, on the wall, and it still looks good to me.

(electric tomato)
01/15/02 07:16 AM
Re: Protecting valuable posters new [re: Adam]  

All my signed stuff such as Bowie Art stuff and a competition prize I won of a signed Roseland poster were all professionally framed. Each including non-reflective glass cost approx $60 to frame them.
You can cut the cost by using plain instead of non-reflective glass, or you can buy a much cheaper ready-made clip frame but these are expensive for larger sizes.
Personally I would never consider laminating because of the risk of creasing if nothing else.

It depends on you.
My philosophy is that these things should be on show. Sure it would stay mint and more valuable vacuum packed at the bottom of the wardrobe but what enjoyment do you get out of it then?
I then chose to get them looking as best I could by getting it done professionally. (And I got great deals by doing more than one at a time)

tv eye
(cracked actor)
01/15/02 10:56 AM
Re: Protecting valuable posters new [re: Adam]  

now when i look at my thursday's child underground (metro, not sub-societal) poster, i really wish i'd kept it better. it had huge grease stains from crappy canadian blue tack on the corners, apart from other things.

i guess framing or mounting would do, although not in such qualities. a 1,5x1,1 m fframe alone will cost you a fortune...

oh by jingo

(electric tomato)
01/15/02 12:14 PM
Re: Protecting valuable posters new [re: tv eye]  

When you get to that sort of size maybe a perpex sheet would be cheaper instead of glass, could simply screw the sheet to the wall around the poster? It would work in theory!

(stardust savant)
01/15/02 01:40 PM
You get what you pay for new [re: Adam]  

The only way to go, really, is framing. besides the fact that it's the best way to protect and preserve the value of the poster, it just makes a poster look so much classier on the wall of an adult home.

I won't put up my posters unless they're properly framed. At the moment I have four very nice posters that are screaming for framing and dying to be put up on my wall, but since I have no money, they remain rolled and stored.


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the ethereal dawn
(stardust savant)
01/15/02 04:34 PM
Re: You get what you pay for new [re: WildWind]  

I had to laminate one of my posters that I just got simply to preserve what was left of it... I got my hands on a Siamese Dream album promo poster of the Smashing Pumpkins (Billy had LONG hair) and it was ripped a bit.. so I altered it (cut the border a bit all the way around to get rid of the tears) and laminated it to protect it. I'm not going for value, so its good by me.

I should do that to some of my others too, which I've had for years. My Man Who Sold the World poster is getting a bit tattered, as is my Cure poster, and I'd like to hang on to them for a while.

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(stardust savant)
01/15/02 10:16 PM
To dry mount or not to dry mount... new [re: WildWind]  

...that's the question

In reply to:

I won't put up my posters unless they're properly framed.

Explain what properly framed means? Do you mean just framed or dry mounted?
I nearly started a thread on this subject once but didn't. I'm really interested in comments about this because I'm tempted to start having my posters dry mounted instead of just framing them as I've done in the past. I do know the value of the posters will decrease, but I'm not looking to sell them anyway. They're for my pleasure.

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(stardust savant)
01/16/02 03:08 PM
There's something I don't know new [re: Tristan]  

I'm not certain that I know exactly what "dry mounted" means. I do not think it means what I thought it meant. Will someone please 'splain so I can get back into this conversation? Thanky.


- So, what you're saying is that you manipulated me.
- Yes, exactly.

01/16/02 08:20 PM
Re: There's something I don't know new [re: WildWind]  

It would appear to be the process of sticking the sides or the entire back of a poster to a support. It would also appear to be not very popular amongst framing experts. But then, you seem to be aware of that.
See: This PDF guide or Mrs. Biddington or Hammer Posters or here

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