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(absolute beginner )
02/02/02 01:21 AM
rarestonebowie new  

about two years ago I went to a used CD store to do trading and while taking a look at the cds available I found one called rarestonebowie (blueish cover). since I was looking for the song 'sound and vision' I bought the cd, and later found out that around 100,000 copies were pressed.

does anyone know the actual value of the mentioned cd?

(electric tomato)
02/02/02 05:41 AM
Re: rarestonebowie new [re: amsc]  

Depends on what a person wants to pay for it.


(electric tomato)
02/02/02 05:48 AM
Re: rarestonebowie new [re: amsc]  

They are fairly common - I reckon you'd pick up the European version (which you have) for no more than $20 and the Japanese version which has the extra Santa Monica tracks but no hidden track 0 for about $30.

(wild eyed peoploid)
02/04/02 10:19 PM
Re: rarestonebowie [re: amsc]  

RARESTONEBOWIE, is a cracker of a CD. Raw and cool! I know that here in Australia it turns up every now and then for about $15 Aust. s/hand.

I suspect most record shop fail to realise it's importance?

I believe there was a 10" LP pressing too.

Keep on swinging

(absolute beginner )
02/05/02 08:54 PM
Re: rarestonebowie new [re: martyn]  

I did in fact paid about 20-21 dlls total (including trading items) for it.

Is 'Sound And Vision' available as a live version on a different bowie album?

Rarestonebowie was the second bowie cd I got and let me tell you that it was a great introduction to his music (aside from changesbowie which was the first).

(crash course raver)
02/06/02 02:52 AM
Re: rarestonebowie new [re: amsc]  

Bowie only included Sound and Vision in one of the live 1978 gigs - the Earl's Court, London gig on 1/7/78 - which is why, on RarestOneBowie, he says something like, "Here's something we haven't done before..." before the song starts.

However, S + V was played regularly on the Sound + Vision 1990 tour, not surprisingly. And there are loads of unofficial live albums of that tour.

Short answer to your question: RarestOneBowie is the only official Bowie album with Sound and Vision recorded live.

"Think about the future!!" (BLAM)

(absolute beginner )
02/07/02 00:22 AM
Re: rarestonebowie new [re: ziggfried]  

Thanks for the info.
I'm really learning a lot since I joined this BB recently.

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