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(stardust savant)
03/02/02 09:51 AM
Autograph Authenticity new  

I wasn't sure whether to put this in Collector's Corner or not. I'm not selling or buying anything, just interested in starting a discussion over an ebay listing. But since that listing is a collectible, I thought I'd put it here.

In any case, last night one of my roommates was perusing the going price for autographs on ebay (he has an item he's considering selling), and he came across this listing. When he showed it to me, my response was "no way no how is that Bowie's autograph." I know what Bowie's autograph looks like - it only says "Bowie," and it's a lot messier and sort of "rounder" than that, and he always puts the year when he signs an item.

I have an autograph that I know damn well was signed by him 'cause I was right there when he did it. The autograph that I have looks like every other "official" autograph of his that I've ever seen, including this one.

I am pretty sure that the autographed Jareth picture linked above is a fraud. What do you all think?

Why do people go through the trouble of trying to sell fake autographs (which often don't sell for that much anyway), and how can you avoid ending up with fraud autographs when you don't know the artists' signature on sight?


You may not like the things we do
Only idiots ignore the truth.
It's easy to lie down and hide
Where's the warrior without his pride?

(electric tomato)
03/02/02 10:38 AM
Re: Autograph Authenticity new [re: WildWind]  

This autograph is a very poor fake.
Like so many on Ebay. To prove a point to someone recently I searched on 'David Bowie signed' on Ebay and out of about 30 auctions only 2 or 3 looked authentic.
Bowie has himself said that Ebay is full of fakes.

Basically I would never buy any autograph off Ebay. Most say COA but what use is that? It's only the word of the seller after all!

If you want genuine autographed stuff why not check out Bowieart.com - it's a little pricey but some things like the utside cover art are reasonably priced and the signature is 100% genuine. Or pop over to bowiestore.com where they have a few signed ziggy prints left.

(mortal with potential)
03/02/02 10:48 PM
Re: Autograph Authenticity new [re: martyn]  

I totally agree that that is a fake -- all the *real* ones I've seen were the rounder ones, last name only, with the year.

"That which seems too good to be true is."

(electric tomato)
03/03/02 05:20 AM
Re: Autograph Authenticity new [re: KittyGoMeow]  

If it helps stop someone getting ripped off I attach a genuine signature scan.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
03/03/02 05:21 AM
You're right, no way in HELL. new [re: WildWind]  

His sig doesn't look anything like that. At least they didn't put a totally naff date on it, like that tosser who listed a pic several times (gee, wonder why it didn't sell?) that was from 1993 with a date of 1986 next to his name.

You'd think if they were going to bother they'ed at least scan or trace a real signature - but then I see some fool did actually buy this piece, so then again why should they?

*sigh* ~Vic

Congratulations. You're fat Elvis.

03/03/02 06:04 AM
Re: Autograph Authenticity new [re: WildWind]  

Well...it doesn't exactly say that it was signed by Bowie...the title insinuates it, but there's nothing in there stating exactly that it's a Bowie sig. That picture is hilariously bad...and I like Jareth.

"That's just, like, your opinion, man."

(mortal with potential)
03/05/02 04:15 AM
Re: Autograph Authenticity new [re: martyn]  

I agree most autographs could be fake but this ebay seller is affiliated with Bowienet. There has been some interesting sales by this person (for example Bowie boxing gloves from the Serious Moonlight tour).


This is interesting as the pic is from 1969 and has Visconti on it to boot.

I've got Bowie's autograph on an advert for the 'hours' album release. I suppose the only COA I could give would be a letter confirming I was there but thats not exactly going to add value to it not being fake for someone else selling it on in the future...

(stardust savant)
03/05/02 05:29 AM
By sight [re: kuffdam]  

Well, the autograph on the item to which you link actually looks like Bowie's autograph.

It is a very cool photo.


You may not like the things we do
Only idiots ignore the truth.
It's easy to lie down and hide
Where's the warrior without his pride?

(electric tomato)
03/06/02 05:23 PM
Re: Autograph Authenticity new [re: kuffdam]  

That article is 100% genuine.
It is Bowienet doing the auction.
They say that Bowie had a clear out and they're auctioning some of the stuff off. They've saying what they are doing with the money later.
The visconti pic you link though is sold fof the chernobyl charity.

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