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(absolute beginner )
03/12/02 03:12 PM
Anyone know where I can find these?? new  

I'm in the US (which means I need NTSC format tapes) and trying to find some certain David Bowie music videos. I've tried 6 times to get the Video compliation on ebay and 6 times I've been outbid! I'm looking for the following videos. if anyone knows where I can get them and could e-mail me or respond. I'd greatly appreciate it. I don't have much in the way of trade just yet. All I have is the Profiles show from Bravo, Labyrinth and the Making of Labyrinth.

Looking for:
Let's Dance
China Girl
modern Love
As the World Falls Down
Thursday's Child
Strangers When we meet

I'm also looking for a live version of Strangers When we Meet on CD or whatever. Anyone know where I can find one? I love that song!

(electric tomato)
03/12/02 05:24 PM
Strangers When we Meet [re: Cormak]  

On AG, you can get live versions labeled as Boston 97, Live, Live 97, and Jools Holland.

revamp the

Edit: Sorry. Link fixed. Sleep, etc.

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(absolute beginner )
03/13/02 08:54 AM
Re: Strangers When we Meet new [re: Arthur0Dent]  

Thanks for the idea, unfortunately due to the fact that my computer is an ancient piece of crap it won't let me download the program to download the songs. I have KaZaA but no one seems to have a live version of the song there. Anyone have any other ideas about where I could find "Strangers When we meet" live?? Thanks!

(absolute beginner )
08/02/02 08:17 AM
Re: Strangers When we Meet new [re: Cormak]  

I have two live versions of Strangers When Meet from circa 1995, both very, very, good sound quality. They are on a bootleg called "T.V Is King", which culls together the best of his 1995 t.v appearances. I will post full details of this c.d (dates/location of performances/track listing) on my web site: www.geocities.com/heathenrays tomorrow. There are also 3 fantastic versions of the sublime "Hallo Spaceboy"-vastly superior to the official live version on the beep sessions and 2 versions of the Voyeur Of Utter...amongst many other gems (maybe the best ever live performance of "Look Back In Anger". If interested, E-mail: kezlenazaviour@hotmail.com
I would be delighted to make any interested party a copy on c.d...

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