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(stardust savant)
04/13/02 03:31 AM
Bowie request list new  

I need some additional things to fill some holes in my collection that have evaded me. They is:

Roseland Bowienet show poster only available to bnet members. I really enjoy this image.

The MTV MVA promo photo on poster stock or as appeared in US(or was it EW?)magazine. This is the very purple photo of bowie in 18th century opera garb. Bowie's straight face is perfect.

Pitt Report Book. One of the rare books from soemone who spent plenty of time with Bowie very early in his career. Written to be informative and not gossipy it should be a good read. As far as i know not reprinted since the early 80's.

The newly released 5th edition of the Brian Eno Oblique Strategies card set. Very affordable, but i don't know how to aquire one without a credit card. It's also important i get a set when they are easily available.

If you have any of these or can give me a lead i'd like to know. I do offer trades.



04/18/02 07:00 PM
Re: Bowie request list new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Hi bfp,
How does one order Eno's card set? where is it available from?


"Place thy foot upon thy slave,
Oh thou, half of hell, half of dreams;
Among the shadows, dark and grave,
Thy extended body gleams."

-Sacher-Masoch, from Venus in Furs

(mortal with potential)
04/19/02 02:16 AM
Re: Bowie request list [re: Alys]  


try :-

http:// www.roughtrade.com

On the hompage there is a link to ordering the set of cards (29.99) - they are ltd edition...

good luck...

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