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05/13/02 09:37 PM
Video trade list  

Here is my list of videos in case anyone would like to trade. I trade for vids or cdrs. Prefer USA/Canada only trades at this time due to high cost of mailing vids overseas. Please respond to spawnofcthulhu@webtv.net if interested.


2000 Roseland Ballroom (80 min.)
1999 Later w/ Jools Holland (12min.)
1999 Conan O'Brien show (14 min.)
1998 Charlie Rose show (50 min.)
1997 Phoenix Festival, UK (70min.)
1997 London Shepherd's Bush (120min.)
1997 Live from the 10 Spot (50min.)
1997 VH1 Legends (45min.)
1997 Bravo Profiles (50min.)
1997 GQ Awards (20min.)
1997 Tonight Show (9 min.)
1996 Lorely Festival, Germany (105 min.)
1995 Hershey, PA (105 min.)
1995 Meadowlands, NJ (105 min.)
1995 Tonight Show (7 min.)
1993 Bowie: The Video Collection (105 min.)
1990 Tokyo (90min.)
1978 Musikladen (50min.)
1976 Vancouver Rehearsals (90 min.)
1975 Cracked Actor (50min.)
1973 1980 Floor Show (50min.)
1969 Love You til Tuesday (30min.)

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