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06/16/02 04:49 AM
1. Outside Vinyl  

I have been looking for the 1. Outside vinyl... I have heard that there was a limited number released. If you know of anyone that has one for sale, or you yourself have one for sale, please email me. I would die to have one!

"Place thy foot upon thy slave,
Oh thou, half of hell, half of dreams;
Among the shadows, dark and grave,
Thy extended body gleams."

-Sacher-Masoch, from Venus in Furs

06/16/02 12:22 PM
Re: 1. Outside Vinyl new [re: Alys]  

It's actually Excerpts from 1.Outside.

Due to the lenght factor only a handful of songs made the cut and some like A Small Plot Of Land fell into the edited mode. I would suggest you pay no more than 10 British pounds for this item.

Try Marshall Jarman, a well respected Bowie dealer in the U.K

Good luck

HEATHEN is smashing

(electric tomato)
06/18/02 06:33 PM
Re: 1. Outside Vinyl new [re: Alys]  

I check on 1.outside stuff on ebay every few days so if there is one up there I will post it on here...


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