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(absolute beginner )
07/01/02 03:51 PM
12" mixes  

Anyone know if there are any quality CDs of Bowie's 80's 12" B sides not taken from vinyl?

I have the originals but high quality digital versions would be great.

Also after concerts on DVD or at least video if anyone can help.


(electric tomato)
07/02/02 03:45 AM
Re: 12" mixes new [re: razorsharp]  

There is a crackin bootleg called 'Dance' which has most of the 80's 12" mixes in excellent quality.

(crash course raver)
07/02/02 04:29 PM
Re: 12" mixes new [re: martyn]  

I would love love love to get my hands on a good mp3 of the extended dance version of 'loving the alien'....anyone can help?


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