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(mortal with potential)
07/04/02 11:20 PM
Re: earthling in the city cd? new [re: skellaway]  

mate of mine got one for 50 pence at a car boot sale !

(grinning soul)
07/05/02 04:33 PM
Re: earthling in the city cd? new [re: angelnumber9]  

Good Bargain!

07/05/02 05:04 PM
Re: earthling in the city cd? new [re: skellaway]  

Are the live versions from of Little Wonder and Hallo Spaceboy, from the 50th Bday, still the only place to get those recordings?

(absolute beginner )
07/09/02 10:05 AM
Re: Earthling In The City [re: angelnumber9]  

Well, I saw a copy (appropriately enough) in the city today going for $AU15, which is probably around 6. I'm prepared to pay that much but more and I'd be pretty reluctant. The same goes for any single, really, and there are quite a few imports going for around that price.

tv eye
(stardust savant)
07/09/02 12:22 PM
Re: earthling in the city cd? new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

it's little wonder and heart's filthy lesson, actually. and yup, that's the only 'official' documentation.

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(wild eyed peoploid)
07/11/02 07:01 PM
Re: Earthling In The City new [re: poorsoul]  

which city do you live in Poorsoul and if its Melbourne, which shop did you see it in for $15?

(absolute beginner )
07/12/02 09:21 AM
Re: Earthling In The City new [re: davidsontrent]  

Collector's Corner on Swanston Street. But if you were looking to get it, I'm afraid you're a bit too late: I bought it on Thursday morning. The only other Bowie CDs of interest there were the One Shot single going for $8 and a Japanese release of Lodger (with the bonus tracks) for $22, which are probably still there.

(crash course raver)
07/12/02 11:45 PM
Collectors Corner new [re: poorsoul]  

Ah! Collectors Corner used to be my shrine in the late 80's (after Au Go Go). It used to be managed by Ollie Olsen of Max Q/Third Eye/Dogs in Space fame. They had an autographed photo of Bowie and had offers for $800 which they rejected at the time. I think I got my Fashions disc set there amongst various other rare vinyl.
That was the old shop, last time I was there it had turned into a bondage shop and Collectors Corner moved into a smaller shop across the road.
My brother bought me the GQ with Earthling in the City so I got it for free . It's a great cd BTW, though I'm not too hot on the Mandarin version of SYIT. But it's worth the price for the live version of Pallas Athena and the Paradox mix of Telling Lies alone.

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G.B.A - All The Way

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/13/02 04:50 AM
Re: Earthling In The City new [re: poorsoul]  

oh well
im not too fond of Collectors Corner these days,
they used to have some good stuff there,
now its gone to shit, though i still check there
will have to get that ONE SHOT single though
i saw one of the BTWN singles there a few months ago late one afternoon in a drunken state
when i went back to get it,
it had gone....
Oh well, if any Melbournians happen to see any Ryko's/ EMI UK albums around on CD let me know where i can get a few of them... being
and possibly STATION TO STATION, since the deal i did with someone for that seems to have fallen through

(mortal with potential)
07/13/02 07:08 AM
Re: Collectors Corner new [re: davidsontrent]  

Well, I have found a few gems there in the past few months but I agree that there are better places around. Dixons is where I've bought most of my collection from - including Aladdin Sane just a few weeks ago. I need a few of the others you mention but I'll certainly let you know if I see something you're after.

And, yes, that live version of Pallas Athena really is something. I was a bit disappointed with the other two live tracks, though, especially with the better rendition of Little Wonder on the BBC Radio CD.

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