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(absolute beginner )
07/23/02 10:10 AM
Alladin Sane T-Shirt new  

Does anyone know where I could get a tiny Alladin Sane T-Shirt or even any other Bowie T-Shirt. I've found loads but they're all too big. Either a really small ladies one or a childs - I'm tiny! Over the internet would be cool or a shop in Scotland.

Please Help!

(wild eyed peoploid)
07/23/02 11:46 AM
Alladin Sane T-Shirt new [re: Bowie_bunny]  

You read my mind. I was thinking to made a thread with this subject. I already don't have any Bowie T-Shirts . I always found T-shits too big for me. I'm X-small or small. Medium in the last chance.

Anyone can help us ...

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(grinning soul)
07/23/02 11:49 AM
Re: Alladin Sane T-Shirt new [re: Bowie_bunny]  

Try here http://stores.musictoday.com/store/default.asp?band_id=259

Its pretty expensive woth postage to UK, but theyre good quality official stuff.


(electric tomato)
07/23/02 05:40 PM
Re: Alladin Sane T-Shirt [re: Bowie_bunny]  

What I have done, is bought a lot of nice white tee-shirts and printed the Bowie pics I want (and other things as well) onto iron-ons and made my own shirts. It is generally cheaper and you are in control.

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(cracked actor)
07/31/02 08:17 AM
iron-ons are good new [re: dukewhite]  

I've done the iron-ons also! Great way to go and get what you want, with the only drawback being that they aren't "official" (if you care about that sort of thing.)
I have bought 10 or so Bowie t-shirts, mostly off E-Bay. It is difficult to find smaller sizes, as I am a small/medium also. E-Bay does offer some "baby-doll-small" sizes but these are mostly made by someone using the iron-ons.
Most of mine are size Large, but I have been lucky enough to get a couple of Mediums. It's a good thing t-shirts look great big and baggy on a gal I have one black Earthling one that I belt loosely and wear as a mini-dress that is awesome!

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(crash course raver)
07/31/02 03:17 PM
even better than the real thing new [re: sondra]  

In reply to:

the only drawback being that they aren't "official"

Well, there is the "official" Bowiedownunder t-shirt.

Check them out on this page

Please sign the petition: get.to/bowiedownunder

(cracked actor)
07/31/02 07:07 PM
precious new [re: Adam]  

Those are adorable! I want one! I think I might order one! (even if I'm not an Aussie!)

Did you eat a bowl of stupid for breakfast?
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(mortal with potential)
08/13/02 05:53 AM
Re: iron-ons are good new [re: sondra]  

Thanks, I shall attempt the iron ons! Wish me luck

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