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(absolute beginner )
08/05/02 03:30 PM
Philly shows  

Hi. I'm looking for Philadelphia area boots, particularly shows from 90 (Sound & Vision) and the two Earthling-era Electric Factory shows. Anyone out there got these?

(grinning soul)
08/07/02 02:06 PM
Re: Philly shows new [re: BennyGoodmanFan]  

these are hard to find..... i've been looking for the electric factory shows for years-and also the show from 96. I've only heard of these boots existing once- but the source turned out to be unreliable:( ... if you should find a copy or two.... let me know.

(mortal with potential)
08/07/02 06:54 PM
Re: Philly shows new [re: BennyGoodmanFan]  

If you are interested in video, I have a 1997 show at the Elec. Factory and a 1995 show from Hershey, PA. PM if you want to trade.


08/15/02 06:30 AM
Re: Philly shows new [re: BennyGoodmanFan]  

the 97 philly shows are relatively easy to find on cdr -

"Death In Philly"
Live at the Electric Factory, Philadelphia 3rd October 1997
Disc One
01. Quicksand
02. Always Crashing In the Same Car
03. The Supermen
04. Waiting For The Man
05. My Death
06. Outside
07. The Jean Genie
08. Panic In Detroit
09. I'm Afraid Of Americans
10. Look Back In Anger
11. Seven Years In Tibet
12. The Last Thing You Should Do
13. Strangers When We Meet
14. Fashion

Disc Two
01. Looking For Satellites
02. Under Pressure
03. Stay
04. Hallo Spaceboy
05. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
06. Little Wonder
07. ...band intro
08/09. Is It Any Wonder
10. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
11. V-2 Schneider
12. The Heart's Filthy Lesson
13. White Light/White Heat
14. O Supereman
15. All The Young Dudes

"Wonder Factory"
Live at the Electric Factory Philadelphia 4th October 1997
(this is a superior audience recording to Electric Factory)
Disc One
01. Queen Bitch
02. Waiting For The Man
03. The Jean Genie
04. The Last Thing You Should Do
05. I'm Afraid Of Americans
06. Band Intro
07. Seven Years In Tibet
08. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
09. The Man Who Sold The World
10. Outside
11. Fashion
12. Looking For Satellites
13. The Heart's Filthy Lesson
14. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
15. Under Pressure

Disc Two
01. Hallo Spaceboy
02. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)
03. Little Wonder
04. Quicksand
05. I Can't Read
06. Telling Lies
07. Is It Any Wonder?
08. Dead Man Walking
09. Pallas Athena - part one
10. Pallas Athena - part two
11. White Light/White Heat
12. O Superman
13. Moonage Daydream


"I can still smell you on my fingers and taste you on my breath." - beth orton

(grinning soul)
08/16/02 01:24 PM
Re: Philly shows new [re: downunder2]  

thanks for the info downunder2.... does anyone know of a bootleg from the electric factory sept. 6 1996?

08/17/02 06:42 PM
Re: Philly shows new [re: spider]  

there apparently is an audience recording(analog) floating around somewhere, but either would not be worthy of conversion to cdr(unlikely given some of the stuff appearing), or has been, but is not in general circulation, there are some others from that mini tour though (washington, boston and new york).


"I can still smell you on my fingers and taste you on my breath." - beth orton

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