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09/17/02 10:37 PM
2 Bowie tapes up for grabs  

I have two 1st generation video tapes with recent Bowie content. Both i have dubbed onto existing tapes and my master i'm making available. Both are recorded in SP mode on a HI-FI VCR. They are NSTC(North America) format only.

One is the 6-7m DB feature on CNN people aired early september and shows interview and performance footage of the Philadelphia show in July.

The second video is a 7-8 minute feature on "The NewMusic" which is a muchmusic program from canada. This has interview and performance footage from the toronto AREA show in august(i was there!!) Generally Bowie is more generous with interview and performance clips on canadian footage and this is an example of that.

Both of these clips will be difficult to find or reairings, if they are ever aired again anytime soon. This is your chance to get near perfect copies.

Currently i'm after tapes of the 2002 Bowie tour, audio and aud shot shows. I'm seeking 2002 DB cd singles as well.

Thank you


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