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(absolute beginner )
09/23/02 04:46 PM
Detroit video  

Hi guys! I need help, I am looking for ANY kind of live footage of the Detroit concert Bowie did on August 6th 2002 at DTE energy music theatre. (If any even exists) Anything at all..if you know anyone or anyway I could get this, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks.
~Jen :-)

09/23/02 05:11 PM
Re: Detroit video new [re: thelostgooney]  

Of the 3 shows i attended this one had the tough security while the other 2 had very little. I'm surprised i even got my camera inside. I was one of only a couple people who took a full roll of Bowie shots during his performance which struck me as uncharacteristic. Some of my(poorly exposed) photos are in NVQ sections, just search my name with attachments.

At the show i walked through a metal detector, got the metal dector padel(like the airports) plus was fully frisked. Vidoes would much more likely turn up of other shows. This performance was a "middle of the pack" compared to other shows on the tour.


09/25/02 02:28 AM
Re: Detroit video new [re: thelostgooney]  


This should help you, TLG. I will post more in the next week or two and will PM them when i do.


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