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(crash course raver)
12/04/02 11:24 AM
Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new  

Bowie's early TV appearances must rank as some of the most interesting and amusing material to collect.

According to Dave Thompson's Moonage Daydream, a concert was filmed and shown on French TV in 1965....how interesting would that be?

I am just wondering how much of this footage currently exists on the bootleg circuit? Who has seen any of the following? (I've indicated in bold what I have seen):

06-06-64 "JUKE BOX JURY" - BBC 1 TV programme, UK.
Includes: Liza Jane.

00-00-64 "THE BEAT ROOM" - BBC 2 TV programme, UK.
Includes: Liza Jane.

12-11-64 "TONIGHT" - BBC 1 TV programme, UK.
Includes: Interview (heads a plea for The prevention of cruelty to long-haired men). (3min, BW)

08-03-65 "GADZOOKS! ITīS ALL HAPPENING" - BBC 2 TV programme, UK.
Includes: I Pity The Fool (with the Manish Boys).

31-12-65 GOLF-DROUET, PARIS - ORTF TV programme, France.
Includes: unknown.

04-03-66 "READY STEADY GO" - ITV TV programme, UK.
Includes: Canīt Help Thinking About Me (live on the vocal with the Buzz).

10-11-67 "FAN CLUB" - Dutch TV programme.
Includes: Love You Till Tuesday.

16-03-68 "4-3-2-1 MUSIK FUR JUNGE LEUTE" - ZDF TV programme, Germany. Filmed in Hamburg 27-02-68.
Includes: Love You Till Tuesday / Did You Ever Have A Dream / Please Mr Gravedigger.

20-05-68 "THE PISTOL SHOT" - BBC 2 TV programme, UK. Filmed in London 30-01-68.
Includes: Bowie & Hermoine Fartingale appear briefly dancing a short minuet.

19-09-68 "4-3-2-1 MUSIK FUR JUNGE LEUTE" - ZDF TV programme, Germany.
Includes: unknown.

11-11-68 "FUR JEDEN ETWAS MUSIK" - German TV programme.
Includes: unknown.

00-00-69 "LUV ADVERT" - TV advert for Lyons Maid featuring Bowie advertising their new ice-cream Luv. (1min, BW)

14-06-69 "COLOUR ME POP" - BBC 2 TV programme, UK.
Includes: unknown.

30-08-69 "DOEBIDOE" - Dutch TV programme. Filmed in Amsterdam 25-08-69.
Includes: Space Oddity (playback).

09-10-69 "TOP OF THE POPS" - BBC 1 TV programme, UK.
Includes: Space Oddity.

02-11-69 "HITS A-GO-GO" - SRG TV programme, Switzerland.
Includes: Space Oddity.

22-11-69 "4-3-2-1 MUSIK FUR JUNGE LEUTE" - ZDF TV programme, Germany. Filmed in Berlin 29-10-69.
Includes: Space Oddity.

27-02-70 "CAIRNGORM SKI NIGHT" - Grampian TV programme, UK.
Includes: London Bye Ta Ta / performs a dance routine with Angie Bowie & Lindsay Kemp.

10-05-70 "IVOR NOVELLO AWARDS" - US TV programme.
Includes: Space Oddity.

08-07-70 "LOOKING GLASS MURDERS" - Scottish TV programme, UK.
Includes: A pantomime devised by Lindsay Kemp. Bowie plays the part of Cloud and also contributes with the soundtrack to the programme (When I Live My Dream / Columbine / The Mirror / Threepenny Pierrot / When I Live My Dream-again). (26min)

20-01-71 "unknown" - Granada TV programme, UK.
Includes: Holy Holy.

get bowie downunder

(grinning soul)
12/04/02 11:38 AM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: Adam]  

I've also seen the Looking Glass Murders thing, has Bowie doing some mime, but it's not as interesting visually as it sounds. The soundtrack is really cool though.

I don't think any of the other ones popped up, maybe in a very small circle but I doubt even that. Think about it - Bowie was really unknown at the time and would continue to be unknown till at least 1969, when he had one hit and then not much again for a couple of years.

Film was very expensive at the time so most of the time the tapes were taped over. This is also the reason hardly any early Top of The Pops episodes exist. Videorecorders didnt exist or were very rare so the chances of a home taped version are very slim too.

On the other hand, every once in a while something rare crops up so you never know.


(wild eyed peoploid)
12/04/02 01:29 PM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: Adam]  

i know i`m an old bugger but i have not seen any of these although i think i`ve seen the prevention of cruelty to longhaired men thingy and seen him in a ice cream add must be about 1966-67,it would be good to get hold of some of this footage .

(mortal with potential)
12/04/02 09:59 PM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: johnnysitar]  

The Ivor Novello Awards footage is available on *Diamonds In Space* along with some shakey 8mm 74 tour stuff.

(grinning soul)
12/05/02 04:16 PM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: Adam]  

Yes, it is all VERY interesting.
I've seen Tonight and LUV, have yet to see the Diamonds in Space cdrom....

I can tell you that the actual spelling for the name of the 10/11/1967 programme on Dutch TV is "Fenklup" It was presented by a famous dutch talkshow host, who was then in her teens. The programme has been wiped and I have yet to find photographs or any record of the show.
The Doebidoe programme, I'm told by well informed sources, has been preserved, but was stolen after being cleaned up for re-use. Or so I'm told. My contact says it was black and white film, with Bowie having curly hair. It was not live, but playback. That's just about all I know....

12/06/02 00:09 AM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: Adam]  

I have one thing to say here:

I believe copies, of some sort, of some of these shows do exist in Bowies archive somwhere. Remeber that he had the only copy of the 68 BBC radio show that was wiped. Since it was before VCR and Bowie would have been paid minimally, I'm belive only home videos(ie: 8m home camera pointed at a television) would exist, with audio perhaps having a better chance of surviving.

Also, though the master tapes would have been wiped, sometimes those that worked inside TV studios made copies of shows for their own collections. Many, Many things have turned up via this route, including many famous retro TV appearances. Studio editors simply converted a master tape directly onto a 16m/8m film(or something similarly inexpensive) bowie himself, could have possibly aquired tapes via this route(slip a henchman some money etc)

What exist in private collections is a fascination to me. Of the stuff I know existing(including non-db material in my collection) is simply staggering.

My honest opinion is that 40% of what's on this list exist in some form. It just takes a really long time to turn -up.


(grinning soul)
12/06/02 06:14 PM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

So tell me , Peter, of what do you KNOW that is out there that hasnt floated amongst collectors?
personally I was amazed at the Ivor Novello awards turning up out of the blue, and the Pierrot in Turqoise thing.
I know there seems to be a video for Rock 'n Roll Suicide that's doing the rounds....and knock on wood....
Anyone know of any other intersting stufff?

12/07/02 04:43 AM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: ArdentDesir]  

I know of people who work in the music industry whom have collection of soundboard tapes of shows they attended that are uncirculated. They cannot be traded because of trust issues concerning the artists and their line of work. They also have a tendancy to keep to themselves.

I would also say that there would be A/V of the 74/76/78 tours that few have heard. I'm talking specifically about soundboards tapes here. Bowie was a huge star by then, and private collection would for sure contain them. I do think little video has leaked out, or anything better than what is in the vancouver 76 video. It's a fair assumption video of the show proper exists.

I have the LUV Ice cream commercial. It's of the blink and yuo'll miss it variety. Few know that it was directed by and young Ridley Scott(Bladerunner, Alien etc....)

I have rarely seen the 78 Dallas be circulated. Same with the 1980 Carson show. Also hard to find are 79 Kenny Everett show(outtakes of Boys Keep Swinging) And the Dick Clark 79 show where Bowie did Space Oddity live. I have only once seen these turn up.

There would be JumboTron footage from the 83/87/90/96/97/00/02 tours that those working in the industry would have access to for personal consumption.

I have some original 70's photos that I have the only copies. Some including 8x10 shots from the press pit. I have yet to see any of these reprinted anywhere. I also have 7 Bowie ticket stubs that have not been reprinted on any website.

I have a Starman video that looks like a grainy 8m transfer. It was of a ziggy/lindsey kemp mime troupe rehearsal. Uneventful footage, worth a mention however. I don't know much else, with nary of a mention of any internet source.

Also, there is a full HYPE performance that was floating around I had heard existing. Pro shot on film at the Roundhouse. I'm unsure of how many collectors have this tape.

Bowie would (should?possibly?) be in the audience of the DA Pennbaker's filming of dylans 65 and 66 UK tours. I also assume DB attended the doors 68 roundhouse performance filmed by Granada TV UK(has been released on home video) Bowie has never talked about what shows he has attended growing up. There is only a mention in the Strange Fascination book about Dylan 66. There also may be footage existing from Bowie's package tours in the mid 60's. Perhaps the headliners were filmed with Bowie in the background, or earlier acts(like DB) were filmed to practice camera angles/sound levels/lighting etc.

The one item on this list I have the highest hope of turning up is the Ready Steady Go from 1966. It's of interest because Dave Clark(of the Dave Clark 5) owns and has the tapes from this show and released 3 video tapes contains moments of the 64 and 65 season. Mr. Clark was a very smart business man, so he would have the original tapes under tight control. I don't knowk of anything that has turn up from the 66 season, including one of Hendrix's first TV appearances. Perhaps DC's business has a email contact(this will need some research)

I pointed out the 68 radio BBC tape Bowie had. Since the early 80's it was assumed the tape was lost forever. Bowie had the only copy. It was also 1/2 inch tape directly from board. Bowie may have done this with TV station to aquire a personal copy. Bowie does admit to keeping a large archive. So who knows?

Bowie would have the master tapes of the DL and Heroes commercial shoots. The only copies existing in collectors hand are from a 25 year old VHS tape. Outtakes should also exist.

Bowie has home movie footage dating back the early 70's. Both off stage and on. Also some private moments, including conversations with lennon. There's likely also Iggy footage...

Mick Rock would have a load of footage, including unseen ziggy show(s)

Lindsey Kemp is said to have some video due his connections with those work in TV studios, and being an early manager of DB.

Pennbaker would have footage of the final ziggy gig. Remember there were 2 shows, plus more backstage stuff. Pennbaker has a habit of keeping all his extra footage.

The 74 rehearsal video exists and has made some movements in collector circles. The audio has been available for some time.

Tony Zanetta claimed in his book Stardust every show of the 74 tour filmed for Bowie to look at the next day. All the soundboard tapes exists according to Bowie, the video should be in the same state. It may only be camcorder level footage, or it may be tripod-proshot type footage. Little is known about what angles this footage is derived.

That is all I can think off the top of my head, ArdentDesir.


P.S. A 4th song was performed on the 72 OGWT. Look on page 75 of the BowieStyle book. Did Bowie performe a song sitting on a stool?(he did this for the brel songs he did live during this period)

P.S.S. A collection in vancouver contains a 76 Bowie show. Soundboard audio plus video(high quality audience shot) Nobody has access to it, myself included.

P.S.S.S A 20 minute unedited reel of the 72 OGWT exists, judging from the from the screenshots on the ziggy companion website. The songs have been around for some time, but the between song banter has evaded most collectors.

Edited by bowiefanpeter on 12/07/02 09:11 PM (server time).

12/11/02 02:32 AM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances new [re: bowiefanpeter]  

...I was hoping for a formal response from ArdentDesir....**sigh**...

(grinning soul)
12/11/02 10:08 AM
Re: Bowie's Earliest TV Appearances [re: bowiefanpeter]  

Sorry I did not Reply earlier......some personal issues...

Wouldn't it be cool if we set up a good website, concerned with just his TV appearances?

I have a lot of stuff you mention, like LUV, Dallas'78 and Carson....
I guess the stuff I would most like to see are the Hype video and the 74 rehearsal footage!

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