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(crash course raver)
08/22/03 05:02 PM
Reeves Gabrels - 'The Sacred Squall of now' new  

I have just bought the album by Reeves Gabrels called 'The Sacred Squall of now' for 1.99 off of ebay.
I heard some sound clips on Amazon and thought it sounded Pretty cool, it has two tracks with Bowie on vocals 'You've been around' (black tie white noise) and 'The King of Stamford hill'.
Doe's anyone else have this album? what do you think of it?

"The sex is in the rhythm"

08/24/03 05:50 PM
Re: Reeves Gabrels - 'The Sacred Squall of now' new [re: skellaway]  

Yes, I have this CD, and this is what I think.

01. 119 Years Ago - Sucks.
02. Say That Now - The vocals ruin this song. Reeves should never be allowed to sing lead. Sucks.
03. Husnu - This instrumental would have made a great smoke break for Bowie during a live Tin Machine show. I like.
04. You've Been Around - I like this version, as well as all versions of this song, but the one on BTWN is still my favorite. I like.
05. Thirteen - Ambient. Reminds me a lot of the CD Night In Amneesia by David Tronzo & Reeves Gabrels (1995). I like.
06. Problem - Sucks.
07. B.N.Y. - Because of Jeffrey Gaines vocals, this song reminds me a lot of the Paul Rodgers live show that Reeves played on and was aired live on the Super Star Concert Series Radio Show from the Trubador Club in Jan. of 1994. I like.
08. Firedom - Instrumental album filler. This song might have worked as a live Tin Machine song. Another smoke break for Bowie.
09. Comeback - Sucks.
10. The King Of Stamford Hill - Sounds like a lesser Tin Machine song. I like.
11. Bad Moon Rising - Interesting take on the CCR song, but it would have worked better with Jeffrey Gaines doing the vocals. I like.

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(crash course raver)
08/27/03 03:58 AM
Re: Reeves Gabrels - 'The Sacred Squall of now' new [re: skellaway]  

I love Stamford Hill. One of my favourite Bowie vocals.

(crash course raver)
08/31/03 06:06 PM
Re: Reeves Gabrels - 'The Sacred Squall of now' [re: skellaway]  

After listening to this album a number of times I have come to the conclusion that I really like it. '119 years ago' is one of my favourite tracks on the album, it's just so catchy! I also really like 'You've been around'.

"The sex is in the rhythm"

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